It’s Time to Round Up The Year!

2018 on the Homeschool Review Crew was a BLAST!

Here are a list of the reviews we did and links to each and every review.

Below that is a snippet of our favorites.

Kids Awards!

Ahavah: Practice Monkey’s

Alecia: Practice Monkey’s

Hayven: Cursive Logic

Elias: Reading Eggs

Aryeh: T is for Tree

Evelyn: Too young to vote ūüėČ

Most Surprising: God Schooling

I voted this review most surprising because it challenged me¬†immensely. It challenged my core¬†beliefs about education and my approach to schooling my kids. It solidified some of my ideas, and shook the foundation of others. It caused me to¬†really dig deep into God’s Word as well as my husband and I’s convictions and evaluate what we¬†believe and why.¬†


Most Used After Review Period: Reading Eggs

We are using this workbook and online subscription for the remainder of the year. I have seen immeasurable growth and excitement in my beginner reader, Elias. We are thoroughly enjoying this program and I am anticipating him o be well ahead of other 5-year-olds by the end of the school year. 

Most Impactful: Cursive Logic

My Hayven always struggled with handwriting. It was a fight from day 1. This program was INCREDIBLE! She went from sloppy manuscript to cursive that puts mine to shame. I am fascinated and awestruck at how well and how quick Cursive Logic worked! Definitely plan on using this program with my next child!


Most Creative: This one was a tie between Planet 316 Story Bible Augmented Reality¬†&¬†Karla Jarmon: “Boy and Dog”, “Dying”, “Don’t Forget Me”

Alex voted for the Bible that had an augmented¬†reality app. Him and the kids loved this product. He brought it to his men’s groups to show all the “grown-up boys” the¬†unbelievable technology.

Karla Jarmon’s books were my vote. These little short booklets addressed¬†incredibly¬†complicated topics in such a simple and Biblically accurate way, they surprised me! This author is gifted in reaching children’s hearts.


New Family Classic: Love, Honor and Virtue & No Longer Little

We have lent these books out to a number of people already and have had several friends and family member purchase their own copies. These books are timeless and great instructional resources on raising young adults. Many ideas presented in this book have become part of our family and we are thankful for the wisdom and “heads-up” given to us from these authors.






Guys, the review isn’t even written yet, but this is BY FAR the BEST service we have ever reviewed in our¬†history of reviewing!¬†Absolutely¬†Genius!¬†


Keep an eye out for the review ūüôā