Well we finished up another WONDERFUL year on the Homeschool Review Crew!

We completed:

26 Crew Reviews

3 Single Reviews

5 Independent Reviews

I had the kids vote and we would like to share with you our FAVORITES of the Homeschool Review Crew this year!

First let’s recap all the reviews we did!


Which item has become an absolute treasure in our home? Something that’s changed us and we never even knew we needed it??


It was always in our plan to give our children a good foundation in handling business and finances in a Biblical. We couldn’t be more pleased with The Kingdom Code. It took all the work out of putting a lesson plan together ourselves. My kids have earned hundreds of dollars of their own money and have grown to take a powerful personal responsibility for themselves, their actions, and their money. We are still using this curriculum and have recommended it to dozens of families for their children.



This reward goes to the curriculum that we’ve been looking for, but never found or could afford. It met a specific need in our family and blessed us tremendously.

Creating A Masterpiece


Excelerate Spanish!

Both art and a foreign language are tricky subjects that I don’t feel equipped to teach. Both I believe are important for a well-rounded education, but both are “extra curricular” and never make it into our budget. Getting a year subscription to these has blessed my children with skills they never had and one’s that I believe they will continue to build upon in years to come



This item surprised us as to how much we loved it!

Matific Galaxy

I picked this because it is one of the BEST online math “games” I have ever run into. It truly is fun and has honestly shown results in how my children view math. They enjoy it so much more this year then ever before and I attribute that to Matific Galaxy for making math fun.


Kids Picks

Ahavah – Age 9

1st: Excelerate Spanish

“This was my favorite because I really, really wanted to learn how to speak Spanish so I can talk to my friends Ana and Estebon and use Spanish randomly. Also, it would make it easier for me to go on the Mexico Missions Trip I am saving up for when I am older.”

2nd: Creating a Masterpiece

“This was my second one because I really enjoy doing art. I wanted to start making books with my sister and illustrate them myself. This shows me how to do proper art instead of the art I used to do. The art I used to do was just stick people, stick food, and stick house, but now I can actually draw trees, grass, turtles and animals.”

3rd: Matific

“Matific gets harder and harder the higher you go. You learn a lot more then any of the other online math games I’ve played. I like earning the presents for my people and it motivates me to do more math.”

Alecia – Age 9

1st: Creating A Masterpiece

“This was my first favorite because I have always wanted to make books and become an artists. Before this I wasn’t very good at art. I could draw a little better then stick figures, but my animals weren’t very good, like my cats. It taught me how to do basic shapes first, like the ostrich project I did, then start adding details like curves instead of points or slanted lines instead of straight lines.”

2nd: Matific

“Matific taught me how to multiply and add huge numbers together just by using my head. Usually I have to write it down on paper, but when I was at my friends house she asked me what 9 x 14 was. She started writing it down, but I immediately knew it. I love the activities because they have so much fun stuff to do. I also like winning the characters. The whole thing is fun. Fractions, geometry… I love math.”

3rd: Excelerate Spanish:

“A lot of people at my church speak Spanish. There is a mission’s trip to Mexico I can go to in a few years and I wanted to be able to speak to the people. I also just really like Spanish.”

Hayven – Age 7

1st: Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Book 5&6

“I picked this because they give me something to think about like how it would be if they actually did go to David’s time. Whenever I get free time I can read or play and I always choose to read these books even though I have read them over and over again. “

2nd: Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Book 3&4

“I read these books every night to fall asleep. They give me good dreams. Book 4 makes me dream about marching around Jericho for a whole week! Each day! It’s a huge city! Book 3 I think about Mummy cases… that’s it. And that’s a wrap! Get it?!”

3rd: Times Alive

“Times Alive has little stories to help me remember and know my multiplication facts. It helped me because I memorized all the songs. Then I can remember the song and when I do regular math I know the answer.”


Elias – Age 6

1st: Brain Blox Chess

“I picked this because I just like playing this. I enjoy this game and now I know hot o play chess.”

2nd: Kregel Goldtown Beginnings Series

“I LOVE these books! They are so fun! I just liked the stories they are so fun.”

3rd: Life With Dog Movie

“I kind of like the parts how he stops behaving rudely and mean and stop trying to kill people.”

Aryeh – Age 3

1st: Brain Blox Chess

2nd: “Nothing” by Worthy Publishing

3rd: Brain Blox

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I pray these reviews bless you and broaden your horizons on all that is offered for home educating your children!

Get inspired!

Grab some ideas!

Check new things out!

Praying that next year’s review crew experience is as amazing as this year!!

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