As of today, we are only seven days away from the election. I have often wondered how our president felt at this moment in time. I cannot imagine the pressure, the anxiousness, the stress, the excitement, the urgency he must feel… well, I guess I can in a very small way.

We have been laser focused on campaigning, especially over the last several weeks. He hasn’t been working, just campaigning. This means we have been on the streets knocking on doors, meeting with people, passing out literature, attending events, shooting and editing videos, reading up on things and researching things, having phone interviews with the media, praying and searching God’s Word for answers to the controversy we are facing… every moment of every day and night.

At this point, neither my husband and I are eating much, sleeping much or able to focus on anything else besides winning this election. It’s so exciting! My kids wake up every morning with their first words being… “ONLY SEVEN MORE DAYS!!!!”. They are loving this process just as much as we are.

We have been doing all of this as a family, as well always have when it comes to ministry. They’ve been door knocking, they’ve been literature dropping, they’ve been to big events and small events, they’ve been watching debates with us, helping their dad draft his speeches and talking points with him, praying with him, everything! It’s been such an experience for our family!