7 Ways that you can Push Back

  1. Know the US Constitution & Founding Documents. Know our history… really history


– Otherwise what are you fighting for? 

– Knowledge is power

(2) Know Your Executive Order

  – MN Executive order mask mandate 


– Executive orders are NOT LAW

(3) Contact Your State Representatives

– Urge them to end the Executive Orders

– MN Legislator https://www.leg.mn.gov/

– HF604 – Mask Mandate 


(4) STOP Wearing the MASK

– You’re participating in the oppression

– When has government ever taken something and then given it back?

– Masks will lead to mandatory vaccinations which will lead to  mandatory identification which will lead to restrictions of travel, buying, selling and basic human rights

– Find alternatives/grassroots (x-ray, ultrasound, care clinics ect)


(5) STOP shopping at the Big Name Store

– Don’t support their illegal mask store policies

– Their money goes to participating in the oppression that is occurring

– COVID hurt the middle class, we need to support the middle class so we don’t become like other countries with a large ruling upper class and a lower class that cannot get ahead

– The suffering you’re trying to avoid will be brought upon you

– If it doesn’t cost us something, it will mean nothing

– FREEDOM DOES and WILL COST YOU SOMETHING – money, time, , confidence



(6) STOP relying on BIG SOCIAL MEDIA

– Get off or minimize, find alternatives, good old fashioned get together with people

– Email – ProtonMail.com

(7) Get Involved in Local Politics

– School Board, Committee Meetings

– Find a Candidate you can support and get involved

– Experience feet on the ground