Deputie Hanukkah 2018

Days 1-4

My husband and I have celebrated Hanukkah since our first year of marriage. We got our first Chanukiah in Israel in 2009. In 2011 we celebrated Hanukkah in Jesusalem. We really started investing in the holiday last year making it a special event in our home and family.

Why do we celebrate? No we are not Jewish. We are Followers of Jesus Christ!

Why do YOU celebrate Christmas? Either it’s because it’s culturally relavent, or it’s to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. We celebrate Christmas as well, but I’m sorry to say that the traditions of Christmas have been very prevented over the years and don’t have a good foundation on actual facts of history.

Hanukkah, on the other hand, has kept a VERY strong historically accurate traditions. Jesus himself celebrated Hanukkah and pointed out to his people that He is the Light of the World! Our family LOVES to make this 8-night Festival of Lights a time of family Bible Studies, games, food, history lessons, extended family and friends (which we always have over, haha!)

That’s they why, let’s talk about the how


You can read our post from last year where I break down the specifics on how to start celebrating Hanukkah in your home. 


Each year my husband types up a new Bible Study for our 8-nights. Last year we found Jesus in the OT through the NT. He was with God during Creation, Abraham’s son was a type of Jesus, Noah’s Ark was a type of Jesus and so forth. 


This year we studied the 7 “I AM’s” of Jesus starting with the passage in Exodus where God tells Moses “I AM”. 


Day One: Sunday – Monday

Sundown Sunday to Monday, which happens to be our Sabbath was the first day of Hanukkah this year. We lit our candles, had our study, ate Sufganiot (nutella stuffed doughnuts fried in oil), Cassava Leaf soup (because we’re Liberian), Challah Bread (6 stranded – I like to make holiday Challah different than regular Shabbat Challah), and Hanukkah cookies. This was the first year we got the kids gifts since I scored at a large kids free event.

The next day we stayed in our pajamas, played dreidel, listened to music, and ate latkes.

Day Two: Monday – Tuesday

Monday evening we had people over for our homegroup and made them fresh Sufganiot. We then set up a shooting range in our diningroom/kitchen. Why? Who knows… 

Day Three: Tuesday – Wednesday

Alex and I got a babysitter and went out on a date Tuesday evening. We planned on coming home and then having our Bible Study, however, someone asked us to drop by so they could talk to us about something and we didn’t get home until 11pm. Alex had to work at 5am, so we planned on joining our two nights of study together the following evening. 

We spent the day snuggling and playing with my sister and her kids all after noon. 

Day Four: Wednesday – Thursday

That evening I had worship practice, and Alex leads a men’s group at our church coffee house. When Alex got home we invited my worship team to participate in the lighting of candles and more Hanukkah cookies and doughnuts. We exchanged a few gifts and had a fantastic night full of laughter, fellowship and too much food!!