About Us


My name is Cassie Deputie and my husband’s name is Alex Deputie. When I was 5 years old, I became a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ after my kindergarten teacher shared with me the good news. I learned that I was sinner and deserved death for my sins (Romans 3:23; 6:23) and that  Jesus Christ loved me and died for my sins taking the punishment I deserved, giving me eternal life if I would simply repent of my sin and believe in Him. I gratefully accepted this offer! It wasn’t until I was around the age of 12 that I began to really seek God through His Word. I always knew that God wanted me to “save myself for marriage”, but that was about it. Around age 15 I had a youth pastor that taught us the Word of God. We studied it. He answered my questions and put in me a HUNGER for God’s Word. This changed my life and I am still hungry for the Word of God, applying it to my life, and building my relationship with God.

I am one of 6 siblings. I have an older brother that we adopted into our family, two sisters younger than me, and two brothers very much younger than me. My youngest brother has Downs Syndrome. My parents are both divorced and remarried. I have always adored the hustle and bustle of a home crammed-packed with people. For as long as I can recall we always had people living with us growing up.

Alex knew of God from a young age, but didn’t know God. He had a co-worker named Victor Fox. Victor was a former gang-banger from Chicago who gave his life to the Lord. He shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with my husband and invited him to church. This church, which we still attend, simply taught the Bible verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book. Victor continued to disciple my husband and played a large role in his life up until his death in 2009.

Alex has many siblings (I think our running total right now is 15?) and he’s right in the middle. His parents are divorced. He is Liberian and his family is HUMUNGOUS! His memories of family life and his closeness to his siblings and cousins made him into the great man he is today.


We met in 2006 when we were neighbors in Saint Paul, MN. Alex lived across the courtyard at the apartment building we lived in and got to know my dad using his computer to do his college homework. My dad and I started attending the church that Alex was involved in called Calvary Chapel Saint Paul. Alex and I started serving in ministry together, attending the same Home Fellowship together and hanging out at church events and at our apartment building regularly. One night, Alex climbed into bed with my dad one night at 2am and asked my dad if he could “court” me with the intention of marrying me! My dad asked him to wait until I was 18, since I was only 17 at the time. However, that Christmas Eve, in 2007, my dad gave Alex permission to start courting me. We courted 12 months, were engaged 9 months, and got married on September 5th 2009.  Our first kiss was on our wedding day.


We conceived twins shortly after our wedding day. After our twins were born I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and had to have surgeries to remove tissue growth. I was told I would be infertile and need to take extreme measures to regain my health again. Unsatisfied with this answer, we conceived our next daughter. During her pregnancy we did much research and came up with a plan to heal my body. Once Hayven was born we adhered to our plan working in conjunction with an OBGYN, Naturopathic doctor and a vitamin representative. My Endometriosis, and later PCOS, severe food allergy and many other health issues are gone!

This started a passion in myself for how simply altering one’s diet can restore the body and rid it of chronic disease. The years went on and we now have 6 children and counting and have had a great deal of medical issues in our family. Our oldest daughter developed Chronic ITP from a  vaccination she received. Both our twins have battled chronic and very severe lead poisoning. Our boys have experienced febrile seizures. And this is just to name a few.

Our daughter’s bleeding disorder/autoimmune disease  and lead poisoning was so extreme and so severe we spent several years of her life going from hospital to hospital, specialist to specialist, and having the Minnesota Department of Health over several time a weeks at some points. We quickly learned what affected her platelet count and altered how we lived entirely from the products we bought to the cookware we used. Medical chelation for the lead poisoning failed over and over again. We worked with the Department of Health and even tried natural chelation methods with no improvement. Over the course of several years, much much prayer and tears, research and trial runs, we can officially announce that Ahavah’s bleeding disorder is in complete remission and the twins lead levels have decreased to the lowest level we’ve ever seen at the fastest rate we’ve ever documented. PRAISE BE TO GOD!

Now we are working on reversing the damage caused by the heavy metal poisoning through diet and nutrition. Combine all that is above with a severe corn allergy, among other genetic health issues my sisters and I are exposed toad dealing with, and out comes Ancient Medicine Cabinet LLC, our small business that is family owned and run! We craft natural remedies and medicines using organic herbs and oils! These are products we have personally used on our family for years. Our friends have inspired us through their asking for natural remedies to start this small business. We use it as a way to bless the church body we are involved in and also as a means to evangelize (share Jesus) with people who don’t know Jesus! All money we make goes back into the “business” to expand it to reach more and more people.



Both Alex and I have had a desire to home educate our children from the get-go. Year by year we are figuring things out. Our method of homeschooling is unique due to the lifestyle we choose to live and what we prioritize. We have a large family and want to continue to have more children. We are also very involved in ministry and we are running and starting several businesses of our own. Things are always exciting and learning experiences! I also work for a company called The Old Schoolhouse and am part of the Homeschool Review Crew. Our family reviews many homeschool curriculums. We don’t follow a certain “educating style” as far as “Unschooling” or “Classical” or anything like this. We value character, work ethic, a relationship with Jesus, real life experiences and opportunities, and raising our children to become productive members of society. We believe education is important since Christians need to be in the office of lawyers, judges, presidents, business owners, and the like. We believe in teaching our children how to learn instead of what to know.

Join us for the adventure!

MULTICULTURALISM – Race and Identity

Alex was born in Monrovia, Liberia in Africa. He was a refugee of the civil war that broke out in the 90’s. His family escaped to the Ivory Coast where they lived in a refugee camp until they were able to enter the United States of America. Alex recalls first arriving in New York and seeing the Golden Gate. His family moved to Minnesota to be near the Mayo Clinic since his uncle has Sickle Cell. Alex worked very hard coming from a low income situation as an immigrant in this country. He got his high school diploma. When we were pregnant with our third child, Alex got his citizenship. After this he worked very hard to purchase us our first house. He then put himself through college while working full time, fathering 5 children, and doing full-time ministry.

His conviction is to not be on food stamps, government health insurance or anything that the government handed out. We are appreciative of these programs, but they are not meant to be lived off. After graduating college, Alex found work as an HVAC technician. He is still striving to become more and more successful and never allows his circumstances to be an excuse for his position. He is now working on starting his own HVAC business as well as dreaming of building our very own home one day!

Alex will tell you, and our children will tell you: our race is HUMAN and we are AMERICANS.   He, and in turn all of us, are very passionate about politics and desire to see our children live in a free country under the Constitution of the United States of America. We believe everyone who comes to this country has the same opportunity to make of it what they please. Alex is a living testimony of this fact and he is very passionate about it.

Alex and I are Bible believing Christians that simply love Jesus Christ and follow God’s Word. We often celebrate and study Jewish culture since Jesus was Jewish. We value these traditions in our home and enjoy them greatly. We do not believe all Christians have to do these things, we just enjoy them greatly. We endeavor to give our kids a sense of their heritage both in blood family and their spiritual heritage. 

Our children are 

(1) Ahavah Eden

(2) Alecia Grace

(3) Hayven Alexandria

(4) Elias Hezekiah

(5) Aryeh Duke

(6) Evelyn Michele

(7) Willow Temperance

Our family is completely and utterly devoted to living out God’s Word and falling more in love with Jesus Christ.

Everyone’s story is different, but we hope this website encourages you to do the same 🙂