Eating real, nutrient foods is one of my passions. With our family’s long history of health issues and recent discovery of food allergies, the list of foods we are able to eat has gotten shorter and shorter. However, our creativity has grown and grown.


Here are some real food ideas we’ve been enjoying the last month or so!

Sloppy Janes

Baked Sweet Potatoes and home made “Sloppy Joe” mix. This is a great one to make HUGE batches and freeze for quick crock pot meals.

Apples and Butternut Squash tossed in coconut oil and pumpkin pie spices. Topped with raisins and sunflower seeds. Top with coconut cream. Great Breakfast, dessert, or snack!


Smoothies are a great way to get many little things into your diet: collagen powder, herbal tinctures, even vegetables! They’re easy to whip up and clean up is a breeze.

Even going out to eat is do-able. I ordered a double hamburger with no bun and every single vegetable topping they had availbale as well as a fried egg. On the side was some potatoe wedges. My husband got salt and vinegar wings with fries.

Bunless Burger

Roasted Chickens are a staple in out house. We shred the meat and use it for many different meals. I reuse the bones and make bone broth.

Thawing meat and marinating it in the fridge makes for very quick and east instapot meals. Here I have lemon ginger chicken as well as cilantro lime chicken. 20 Minutes in the pressure cooker and a side of zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice and you have a delicious meal.

Marinated Chicken

“Breaded” fish with almond and coconut flour, home made hashbrowns, and vegan ranch dressing, felt like a meal we should be guilty about eating… but it wasn’t! It was DELICIOUS!

I tried my hand at roasted buffalo cauliflower with vegan ranch dip… It was okay… my kids loved it enough they ate it ALL!


Frozen Hamburgers have saved our butts in times where we are in a crunch and needed a quick meal to throw together.

Beef ribs with an allergy free coconut amino based marinate, baked low and slow ALL DAY LONG was a gormet-tasting meal we enjoyed. Paired with cabbage cooked in bone broth and topped with tallow made it warm and satisfying.

Breakfast Hash is a wonderful dish to make in bulk batches and set aside for church mornings or times we need to go out of town. One key tip is to ALWAYS cook double of what you need. Your time in the kitchen lowers dramatically.

Bone-In Chicken always. So much flavor and so many ways to season and cook. Drumsticks seasoned with salt and garlic for an easy lunch and thighs with allergy free hot sauce, pineapples, and coconut aminos for a dinner that is ready when you arrive at home from a day out and about.

Steak strips stretched for several meals. They took minutes to marinate and minutes to fry up and paired wonderfully with a salad as well as on top of cucumber “crackers”.

Squash filled with meat (beef and pork mix) and veggies was festive and delicious.

Some creative snacks we came up with was:

(1) Home made apple sauce! I took apples that were going bad, a cinnamon stick, and some grated fresh ginger and pressure cooked them for 15 minutes followed by a puree with an immersion blender. I sweetened the warm treat with home made elderberry syrup! Healthy and spicy!

(2) Avocados topped with coconut aminos and crushed red pepper was my personal favorite treat!

Making a large batch of Ketchup made marinades and sauces easy and healthy!

I hope these meals inspire you and encourage you! Making delicious meals that are nutrient dense for your family is not as difficult as you may think.