Have you ever considered how much amusement your children are participating in? Not that amusement is all bad, but could entertaining your children be having negative effects on their character, work ethic, and life skills? Let’s consider this:

AMU’SEMENT, noun s as z. That which amuses, detains or engages the mind; entertainment of the mind; pastime; a pleasurable occupation of the senses, or that which furnishes it, as dancing, sports or music.

The opposite of Amusement is Labor or Toil.

Benefits of NOT Entertaining Your Children

Each family has their own definitions of what is “amusement” and what is productive. In our home, electronics of all kinds are entertainment. Television shows, movies, ipad games, video games… even if they are educational (which majority of even our amusement choices are), are still considered amusement.

When you choose NOT entertain your children via these methods, an amazing thing happens!

(1) They become more Creative – boredom has led many into trouble when it’s empty, unsupervised boredom. But, when a parent uses boredom as a method of teaching and instruction, it leads to children developing ideas. It may be crafts, it may be putting on skits, it may be building a Polly Pocket city using cardboard boxes, or pretending to sell goods with Monopoly money. All of these require children to use real life skills, use their brains, problem solve, and be innovate.

(2) They Gain Skills – My children will often turn to reading in the hours they aren’t doing house work or school work. I make sure they have a wide variety of books that are rich in character, history, or science so that they aren’t reading mindless books. Thanks to our SchoolhouseTeachers.com subscription, my kids have access to study anything that sparks their interest! Photography, drawing, music, foreign language…

(3) They Build Relationships – I jump on any board games that are educational. In case you haven’t noticed, nearly everything we own has a purpose and is useful for educating my children. Board games and card games are an incredible way to build relationships with siblings and parents as well as gain critical thinking skills, and maybe some geography, civics, or language skills along the way? We really enjoy Continent Race, Tall Tales, and Tuttle Twins Card Game.

(4) They Appreciate and Understand Privileges – When my children get the opportunity to watch a movie, or play a video game, they are so thankful! They work extra hard to earn the privileged and blessing because they know that it can be taken away if character and attitude is an issue. They also have the requirement of having a good attitude and saying, “Thank you mom, thank you dad, for letting me play that game!” And believe me, I have NO issue taking away their privileges at even the hint of ungratefulness or negative effects on attitudes.