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My kids love art, and some of them are very good at it. They have taken art classes before, but never a drawing class. I was excited to try out Beyond the Stick Figure Art School with my two 9-year olds and 8-year old.We reviewed Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course PLUS 3 Bonus Courses which include Drawing, Pen & Ink, Watercolor, Acrylic, and 3D Design.

This course is unique in that it’s tailored for the whole family to use. Often times I will have one child that could do art all day and a few that only want to do it occasionally. Beyond the Stick Figure Art School allows everyone in the family to take lessons at their own pace.


Every week, at least once a week my girls would work on a few lessons at a time. The teacher is a wonderful woman who is very passionate about art. She teaches the basic elements of drawing and spends a lot of time on these concepts. The girls have been practicing straight lines, curved lines, dots and circles. They learned everything is made with these basic shapes as well as about primary colors and secondary colors.

Once you log into your account this is what the dash board looks like.

You can easily keep track of where you left off as the completed lessons have yellow check marks next to them.

Each lesson is pre-recorded so that you or your student can pause, rewind or review any of the lessons as they please.

The one downside I experienced using this program is that you cannot skip ahead to any of the future lessons until you have completed the previous ones.

But one of the things I love best is that I have a life-time access to these lessons. We can use them year after year with all our children and don’t have to worry about a monthly subscription. This would be an amazing gift from a family member or friend wanting to provide an education in art to a family.

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