What’s the big deal about Common Core?

What is Common Core?

Why should the Christian, the homeschooler, the American, be very, very concerned about Common Core “State” Standards sweeping through our education system?

It’s alarming to me that people are just now asking these questions and are completley uninformed and in the dark about this topic. 

I recently read an article entitled, “Decoding the Truth About Common Core” by Ruth Sundeen that was printed in the 2018 Summer Edition of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. This article rekindled a topic that makes that Mama Bear inside of me stir, and I am hoping it awakes or stirs up the Mama (or Papa) Bear in all of you as well. 

A Foundational Understanding

Education in America


The Constitution protects the people of the Untied States from the Federal Government setting up a common education system that is regulated by them.


It is the public, known, and obvious agenda of the Communists and Marxists to provide free education offered and regulated by the government to ensure that the studies are crafted to be scrubbed clean of any religious or patriotic influence. One can simple read the Communist Manifesto (it’s actually a short read – Order a copy on Amazon) and other famous works by these parties to read the clearly laid out process to destroy a free nation and bring it under the bondage of a government ruled society.


Regardless of whether or not you believe this to be true doesn’t make it any less reality.

Please refer to this link and scroll over to page 34 to read the column that was written exposing the truth behind the Common Core Standards and why we should avoid this type of curriculum at ALL COSTS.

To sum up this article in my own words, Sundeen goes through a few of the claims of the Common Core Standards and debunks them. These claims include the following:

(1) CC is internationally benchmarked

(2) CC is rigorous

(3) CCSS are research and evidence based

(4) CCSS are aligned with college and career expectations

(5) They are built upon the strengths and lessons of our current state standards

(6) Common Core is state led

There is no need for me to touch on all the details of these points since the curious reader can refer to the origional article (page 34 of magazine) for that content, but I want to point out the most troubling points I came across and why I am writing about this at this time.

  • Common Core cirriculum is not “rigorous”, but it is VERY COMPLICATED! If you have read any articles or seen any YouTube videos made by parents who are trying to help their children with modern math problems, it is not hard to come to this conclusion. Sundeen points out, “students are asked to solve math problems in ten steps instead of of three; and they are asked how they feel about a math problem that involves no calculations.”
  • Common Core was stratigically created to lower the level of education in our young people because educated people tend to question things instead of blindly following what propaganda is fed to them. It is meant to indocrtinate and not teach children how to think.
  • The United States used to have one of the most sucessful education systems around until Common Core was implemented. That is a fact.
  • Although the US Constitution STRICTLY prohibits the federal government from getting involved in education, the CC standards are federally backed and copy writ.  States folded to them to receive government funding for their schools.
  • One of the main architects of the Common Core Standards is a man of zero education credentials. His name is David Coleman.
  • CCSS has permeated public schools, most private schools, and, unfortunately, an increasing number of homeschools.


How Does This Apply To Me?


Common Core cirriculum is usually the cheaper option.

Common Core has reached it’s sticky tenticles into the homeschool and is attempting to regulate education within the walls of your own home.

Common Core has placed a false security in the hearts of parents and children across our nation.

This article is a warning and a spring board for you to do your own reasearch. I beg of you, homeschooling parent or not, to DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Everything I am stating in this article is information that is NOT HARD TO FIND. It is actually COMMON KNOWLEDGE.

If You Walk Away With One Thing


Not only does Common Core not provide solutions to the problems we face in our educational system today, they create further problems. Common Core in UNCONSTITUTIONAL and has a CLEAR Communist/Marxist rhetoric. 


Let’s get back to real education.


Teaching our children how to think for themselves.


Teaching them CORRECT history, CORRECT mathematics, PROPER civics studies.


Don’t allow this to creep into your homeschool.


Avoid curriculums that are Common Core aligned.


Talk to your child’s schools and day cares.


Email your state legislators. 


Show up to school board meetings. 


Constitutionally, historically, Biblically, education belongs to the PEOPLE, to the FAMILY.


Let’s fight to keep it that way.