Last week we talked about the IMPORTANCE of having a plan when it comes to life. In order for our growth in any area whether it be…



educationally (if that’s a word), 


in your marriage,

in your homeschool,

in your house keeping, 

in your small business,

in your career,

in any area,


If you aim for NOTHING, you will hit it every time. 



So how do you create a plan?

I am going to give you a list of topics to think about to get you started, but it’s important to remember these few key principles when scripting your family’s plans and goals.

(1) What is the ultimate goal?

(2) What has the Lord given you as a vision as a family?

(3) What are your gifts and callings?

(4) Get as SPECIFIC as you can!

Incorrect : “We need to pray more”

Correct: “We are going to implement a prayer time as a family Satruday mornings at 10am followed by a time of worship and Bible Study.”


Incorrect: “My husband/wife and I need to read the Bible together more.”

Correct: “Everynight, before we go to sleep, my husband/wife and I are going to read the Charles Spurgeon deovtional, a Proverb, and pray together.”


Incorrect: “I want to implement more feild trips into our schooling.”

Correct: “We are going to have a feild trip once a month. I am going to schedule the next six months-a year out this week so that they are in place and we can plan accordingly.”


Spiritual Goals:

Personal Devotions: Do you have a plan? Have you read through the whole Bible? Do you have a Bible study? When do you do devotions? For how long? How can you grow in it? What character issues do you need to work on? What is your plan for working on those?

Personal Prayer: Who do you pray for? When? For how long? Are you practicing thanksgiving regularly? Intercession? For your spouce? For your kids? Members of your church? Your community? Government?

Church Involvement: Do you attend services regularly? Are you reading ahead for service? Do you attend Mens/Womens events? Conferenes? What are your gifts? What ministries are you serving in? Which ones do you want to start? Are you being discipled? Are you discipling someone?

Marriage: Are you and your spouce praying together? Reading the Bible together? Growing in knowledge and wisdom of the Holy Spirit? Are you supporting your spouce’s ministries?

Family: Are you leading your children in the Word, prayer, and worship? Do they have deovtional lives? Do you have a plan for them? Do they know how to have a prayer life? Do they know their gifts? Are they serving in ministry?

Other Potential Goals

Health: What eating goals do you have? Exercise goals? What health problems do you face and what is your plan to strengthen and heal your body? 

Learning: What new skills do you want to aquire and what is your plan to learn them? What hobbies do you want to take on? 

Career: How do you want to grow in your career? What skills do you need? How are you going to get those? What habits do you want to establish? Are you balancing career and other areas well? If not, how can you grow in this area? What is your plan for this year, next year, 5 years, 10 years?

Financial: Do you have debt you want to pay? Do you have a budget? Are you sticking to it? Are you faithfully tithing? Are you blessing others with your finances? What charities or ministries do you want to give money to? What large purchases do you want to make and what is your specific plan to reach those goals? How can you increase your finances if you need to? 

Homeschool: What topics of study are proirity this year? What are my children’s interests? How can I encourage them in these things? Are the way we’re currently doing things working? Is it flowing well? Do we have a daily schedule? Are we diligent to stick to our plan? Do we need more flexibility? If so how, why, and when? What new tools do I need to start saving up for (books, curriculum, charts, supplies)?


House Keeping: Is my home a peaceful place? What areas create stress and not peace? Why are they stressful? What areas are unorganized or cluttered? How can I organize them? Am I diligent in the house work? What is my plan to get better? Do I have a good grip on our grocery and toiletry bill? Is our meal plan working? How do chores flow in the house? What problem areas are there? How are the children assisting in house work? How can I increase their load? 


I hope this gives you a spring board for creating your answers to these questions.

Please feel free to share in the comments below some of the goals you have come up with! I’d love to hear from you.