Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

This year what not at all what my family had planned. We had so many life changing events in just a few short months. We started two home businesses and became entirely self-employed, moved out of our home and are in the process of selling it, had our 7th child, and then my husband decided to run for MN State Senate. Throw Covid-19 on top of that and you get a glimpse of how chaotic and sporadic my time has been home-educating my children. I would have never had been able to continue to provide mathematics for my four grade school children if we hadn’t of had the opportunity to review CTCMath’s 12-month Family Membership.

We have never experienced an online math program before. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect to be honest.

My children logged in using their own user names and passwords which led them to their own dashboards in which they could view their own dashboard. From here, they can select any of the lessons in their grade level, or other grade levels if they desire. They can also take a peek at the “tasks” that I can assign them to complete from the parent portal. Results from past lessons and some setting options are available as well.


Each lesson begins with a video instruction. The teacher has an Australian accent, which was cool, but a little difficult to understand in my opinion. My kids didn’t seem to have any issues as they are exposed to many different dialects coming from a multicultural family. The lessons were thorough and easy to pause and re-watch. Following the video lesson was a series of questions to practice the concept that was learned. There is also an option to print worksheets for extra practice.

From the parent portal, I have the ability to set what scores I would like my children to reach in order to progress to the next lesson. I loved this feature as I typically set my standards pretty high for them. I value mastering a concept before moving on where some parents may not mind if their child progresses and revisits topics later on that they struggled with. This is a great customizable option.

After their assigned lessons, my kids would always ask if they could play one of the games that are offered on CTCMath called, “Times Tables Shoot ’Em Up”. This was a nice educational treat for them after they completed their assignments for the day.


Another feature I enjoyed greatly was the weekly emails I received breaking down how my children’s reports from their week of CTCMath lessons. It was one email and listed when they logged in, what lessons they did and what they scored. This was so easy for me to glance at and get a good idea of how they progressed.

Lastly, I want to share that having a 12-month Family Membership is an AMAZING benefit for a family like mine where I have 7 children in different levels of math abilities. I can pay one flat rate and place my children in any grade at any time. They can mingle in an area for a long time, or progress at a fast rate and I do not need to worry about purchasing them new books as they move forward from Kindergarten through Calculus!

The one downside to CTCMath is that it is an online program. I am a huge proponent of physical books and, when I have my way, will choose them every time. However, with that being said, if I was looking for a math curriculum for a year like this year, I would select CTCMath. Having the printable worksheets as a supplement was a plus.


I am grateful for CTCMath‘s 12-month Family Membership and will continue to use it as we see what other adventures and challenges face the Deputie Family in 2020.

If you are NEW to homeschooling and it seems intimidating, I think CTCMath is a great way to get started! It’s very easy and doesn’t require much from the parent at all to begin lessons. It’s almost as if you have a private tutor in your home teaching your child. Check it out!

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