Just some radom updates of life

Work: Alex works two days a week as of current doing his HVAC company, Mr. Air Handler HVAC Services LLC. Typically he works Tuesdays and Wednesdays unless there are campaigning opportunities. I stepped down from co-owning Fermentools. There were several factors in this decision, with the primary one being Alex running for office. I am able to dedicate a lot more time to his campaign and our family. Owning another small business on top of the two we currently have (Mr. Air Handler and Ancient Medicine Cabinet) is unnecessary, especially when Alex wins the election and becomes a state senator.


School: Home educating is such an awesome thing! Everyone keeps asking us if we have “started school” yet. We are always learning and teaching and experiencing things! We just finished up the Lamplighter Summer Reading Challenge and earned enough points to get some new audio books. We have been experiencing what an election process looks like first hand and close up doing literature dropping, stump speaking, meeting other elected officials, learning all about protests vs riots and so much more! American history has become new and alive to us as we travel and visualize what this great country was founded upon. We plan on beginning regular textbook language lessons and math lessons in the next month or so. We will then add regular music lessons and science and history after the election. Otherwise, we are enjoying studying and learning about things as they present themselves as well as enjoying many, many late night worship jams at the coffee house just about every night of the week.


Family: After being refused service at Gillette hospital, we finally found a place that would take an x-ray of my daughter’s broken arm so we could see how it was healing. It looks great! Still slightly broken, but the bone is mostly filled in.

Elias (7 years old) is reading like a pro now! He is so excited, he is reading everything he can get his hands on. We bought him a new Bible and he is plowing through it.

The twins just turned 10! That is a crazy feeling! In just two short years they will be young adults, graduating from children’s classes and able to participate in just about everything most adults can. Their school work load will increase slightly this year. They are also taking a lot more personal responsibility for themselves and getting a lot more freedoms.

Duke is the cutest thing ever. He is always in his own world, perfectly content with life for the most part. He still loves to study things and his database of knowledge always takes me by surprise.

Eveyln is the most hilarious toddler I think we have ever had. She is a show stopper and a coffee house bum. She struts around with her afro, pink leggings and white crocks like she owns the place.

Hayven is becoming such a mature and beautiful young lady. She is a goof ball and I absolutely love her view on life and situations around her. No one makes me laugh quite as hard as Hayven does. She is quirky. Her and Elias are the best of friends and either get along flawlessly or fight ruthlessly.

Willow is crawling everywhere and is a very happy and content baby. She gets bored pretty easily with the same toys I offer her over and over. But when her siblings come bustling around the corner she gets so excited she waves her arms and screams and tries to run form them or toward them. She seems to especially favor Elias.



Marriage: I love marriage. There is nobody who has my husband’s back as faithful and loyal and respectfully as I do, and there is no one who watches out for and provides for my needs as much as he does. My respect for this man has grown more and more each and every day as I watch him do what God’s called him to do. We talk about everything and we listen to and value each other’s opinions. When we disagree, I trust that he will make whatever choice he thinks is best, and we will walk through the outcome together. But he truly does listen to me and what I think about things.


We just celebrated our 11th year of marraige. Thankfully my sisters and their husbands were able to go out with us as we all share the SAME anniversary 🙂


Selling Our Home: We are so close! We have 90% of the fixing finished, and all the painting done. Someone is taking a couple people to clean it to make it ready to sell and another couple is staging it for us. We hope to have it on the market by the end of the month, Lord willing. I have been working on it myself (with all my kids) about once a week, and then we have been spending every Friday fixing as much as we can as a whole family. Our church body has carried a lot of the load for us as well cleaning up the yard, dumping garbage for us, painting all the trim and walls… such a blessing.

I am excited to move onto a new phase in life officially. Having the house still on our hands feels like we are in this limbo mode all the time. I believe a part of this is anticipating election day as well, but I think officially selling the house will help make it seem less like we’re living in a dream and never going to wake up.



Mom’s Cancer: My mom got diagnosed with breast cancer in the last couple months. She has a double mastectomy and some lymph nodes removed not even a week ago. She is recovering at home and my sister Alyssa has come down form Fargo to be with her and help her. Mariah and I will be assisting in the following weeks to make sure she gets showered and changed and whatever else she needs as she heals up. We are going to watch some musicals with her tonight 🙂 As of now, she does not need and chemo or radiation.

We had a “bon voyage boobie” party for her before her surgery. We write her breasts a card thanking them for all they did for us and had a celebration on their behalf. After this we layed hands on my mom and spent time covering her and George in prayer.

Campaigning: I learn more and more each day just how unconventional our approach to everything is. It doesn’t seem odd or obscure to us. Maybe because we know the Lord and apply His Word to our lives, but I am always in awe of how many people are watching us and rooting for us. Equally, there are people who despise us and warn us to back down from what we are doing. I am talking people from all over the country are watching my husband’s campaign and studying our “tactics”. I wish I could share all the stories of God’s providence in each and every situation… perhaps we will write a book about them one day.

One thing that hits me hardest is the amount of cowards we have in office. Men and women who will not do what is right at the risk of losing some pretended amount of influence or alliances they think they have. My husband is not a coward. He doesn’t care what friends he loses or enemies he makes. If something needs to be done or said, then he will say or do something with the power of God and His host of angels behind him as his only accompaniment.

We are missionaries, sent by God, to the state capital. We are not politicians. We will not be changed by the system that is in place, but the system will change to us. Our goal is not to get in power, stay in power, increase our power. Our goal is to protect people’s God-given, constitutionally protected rights, to uphold righteousness and justice, and to represent people before the government and before God.

This mindset is what drives us. This is what makes us stand out and makes what we are doing seem revolutionary. I suppose it would revolutionary in a godless society, to bring Biblical principles into the political sphere, but it shouldn’t be and was not before this point in time.

With the election only 50 some days away, I get a rock in my stomach when I contemplate the night of November 3rd… watching the results as they roll in on election night. The primaries were a life changing experience as I realized that in a few short months, my husband’s name would be on the tv screen.


I am excited to do some new posts on home educating, having a senator as a husband, managing a coffee house (which we are enjoying SO SO SO MUCH!), and so much more in the months to come. I appreciate your patience with me as our life is beyond busy.