Deputie Hanukkah 2018

Days 1-4


May favorite part of Hanukkah is when we gather around in the Living Room with each other to light the Shemash candle and the other candles. To get all 6 kids and guests to all settle down is quite a feat! The kids are all excited so naturally they are loud and rambunctious. Alex (or one of the kids) lights the candle(s) explaining that Jesus is the Servant Candle in the center and each candle represnts whatever we are studying that year.

Everyone pulls out their Bible and we dig deep into God’s Word while the candles flicker their tall flames in the center of us. I am always taken back by just how much light one candle can put off. When you have all 9 lit its so bright one could turn all the lights off and still the group could read.

It brings such a wondrous reminder that we are the light of the world. Alone we can shine for Jesus, but together we make an enormous difference! This is why I love to celebrate Hanukkah with people!!! 🙂 🙂

If you missed Days 1-4 or why we celebrate Hanukkah then go read this post and get a quick prelude to this one:)

Day Five: Thursday – Friday

Thursday evening we had church so I brought some traditional Hanukkah foods to share. After church, the kids were all going places to spend the night so that I could prepare for the annual women’s Christmas Party we have every year. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning and no little mouths to feed, little hands to wipe, and little attitudes to pamper was a refreshing delight 🙂

Day Six: Friday – Saturday

So Friday night our separate events took place. Alex went with the kids over to a friends house to spend Hanukkah night there, while I had my Christmas party and was up until well after 3am. Saturday morning I had a massage scheduled. Ahhhh so much needed!

Alex had the day off so we bummed around some stores and came home to relax and recover.

Day Seven: Saturday – Sunday

Saturday evening we did our study and went to bed early. However, I was unable to sleep! I took Melatonin and Insomnia tincture and still didn’t sleep. With having been awake almost 48 hours I decided to stay home from church and finally fell asleep at 7am after my pastor prayed for me over the phone. I slept from 7am-10:30am.

We had our pretend Nana Kelly and Uncle Shawn visit us from Florida after church. We ate fried chicken and rice followed by Hanukkah cookies and raw milk. Nana Kelly and Papa Mike SPOILED us with Costco gift cards. After we gave hugs and sent them off we all jumped in the car to Costco!

Day Eight: Sunday – Monday

This was, again our Sabbath. It was the perfect ending to Hanukkah! We had our family and friends over Sunday evening and then slept in and enjoyed our day off together to close up the holiday and prepare to dive back into a school week. It was the sweetest Bible Study of all 8 nights and such a warm ending to our week of festivities. 

I love the legacy and tradition we are leaving with our kids. I asked them what their favorite parts of Hanukkah were and this is what they said:

Ahavah: My favorite part is the food. I love latkes! I also like having friends over to celebrate with us.

Alecia: My favorite part is having friends over. I don’t have a favorite. It’s all so nice.

Hayven: I like the Bible Studies because I like watching the candles burning. 

Elias: My favorite part is eating Sufgonoit because it’s SOOOOOOOOOO good!

Aryeh: I love to eat that cookie mom! *Everything is about Hanukkah to this kid*

Evelyn: She loves to snuggle and eat food! She had her first Sufgonoit and latke this year.

We remember how the Maccabaes fought for the freedom to worship, we remember how all those who came before us fought for our freedom, we are stirred within our hearts to stand up and fight for the freedoms we have In Christ and In America.

We remember how the Maccabeas rededicated the temple and how God made that oil last 8 days, we are committed to wholly and brutally committing our lives to Jesus Christ who laid down His life to be that perfect sacrifice, that Shemash candle, that high priest for us.

And that’s Hanukkah for us.