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When I went to college, I was 16-years old. I chose to go to PSEO at a Christian College. I had my choice of an elective course and decided to take Old Testament Archeology. To date, this course is responsible for my passion for God’s Word. It was stunning having studied the amazing evidence of God’s Word through recent discoveries in archeology and knowing that just a few years prior, there was no such evidences available! Even more exciting to me was the reality that there is SO MUCH MORE that has yet to be discovered. The Bible has been proved over and over again to be absolutely true in every discipline of study.

You can imagine my excitement to share archeology with my children! When we were offered the opportunity to review Drive Thru History® Adventures Bible Unearthed, I was thrilled!

“Bible Unearthed is a 12-part series that explores the history, importance, and impact of archaeology – and how discoveries help us better understand the ancient world! Bible Unearthed isn’t released yet, but you’ll be granted early lifetime access to the course.”

You read that correctly… LIFETIME ACCESS! We can re-watch the videos and go back over all the materials as many times as we want. I can explore archeology with my oldest three, then in a few years, with my younger four! HUGE PLUS!

We planned on spending one – two days a week dedicated to diving into Bible Unearthed and figured each lesson would take us a couple hours. However, we got so engulfed into each lesson, we often had to put our other subjects into the later afternoon so we could continue to work on our timelines or other projects. We rewatched the videos several times! Even my husband would come out of his office and join us for portions of the videos and discuss ideas and make connections with us to recent things we were reading in our Bibles, or how discoveries have affected how we live and view the world today.

Going through this course has really been a whole family ordeal. My toddlers and younger elementary kids enjoyed watching Dave Stotts. They thought everything he did was hilarious! My middle schoolers started composition books where they have been documenting everything they have been learning. When they go to children’s ministry at church, they have been able to share with their teachers and classmates all they have learned and make connections for them.

As a family, we worked on adding different archeological discoveries to our family Book of Centuries. It was so amazing making the connections of people and events we have already studied and how they related to the artifacts that have been discovered from that same period of time!

Each lesson includes a video, which is about 15 minutes long, a short reading assignment, a worksheet and answer guide, scripture reading, and additional activity ideas. I would print the reading material for my children, then I would cast (display my computer screen onto the television in our living room) the reading portion onto the television and we would take turns reading out loud. We would study the pictures, discuss how to take notes and find the main points of paragraphs, and get a good context of what the video material was going to include.

After this, we would take our notebooks and watch the video jotting down notes as we watched. We would pause the video and discuss things. I think I would get a little enthusiastic! Can you blame me?!? Archeology is amazing! The kids would answer the question sheets while they watched the video, or simply use the questions as a spring board for ideas on what they wanted to notebook about.

Then we couldn’t stop… Immediately after, we would dive into the project idea! This is where we lost track of time. We would be mid-project when I would realize it was lunch time already! So fun!!

I will say that this series, Bible Unearthed, takes a different approach then the familiar Dave Stotts touring the world in his jeep. Majority of the video takes place in a room that is filled with maps, tools, photos, and artifacts. The lead of this series is Titus Kennedy, with Dave Stotts and Randall Niles being the ones who are asking the questions and being told about Titus’ excavations and adventures as an archeologist.

I 100% recommend Drive Thru History® Adventures Bible Unearthed! I have never been disappointed with anything from Drive Thru History!

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