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Science is one of the subjects that seem so natural for children to learn. They are innately curious about the world around them and everything peaks their interests. I assume this is why so many kids shows are rooted in scientific subjects. Finding a science curriculum/program that nourishes children’s curiosity, excites them, and opens their eyes in a way that is unique is exactly what we found in reviewing Journey Homeschool Academys Experience Biology: Elementary.


There are so many elements to Experience Biology: Elementary that I love! The first of which is that when you purchase the course, you have lifetime access for your whole family. It is a very laid back course and you have the freedom to utilize all the tools or some of them.

Each lesson includes a video which is the main tool in each lesson, a memory video, and an “extra material” packet that can be downloaded. This “extra material” includes a suggested reading list for further study on the topic of the lesson, a hands on experiment or activity, handwriting sheets in both manuscript and cursive, memory cards, and a comprehension quiz. All this material is at your disposable to print as many copies as you like!


The memory work is an interesting part of Journey Homeschool Academy’s Experience Biology: Elementary . There is a challenge to memorize the entire first chapter of Genesis with a few verses into chapter two over the course of the school year! There are also a few concepts at the end of each lesson that students are encouraged to memorize. These concepts are often reviewed and repeated in the video lessons as the unit progresses.

You could spend loads of time really diving into each subject matter at hand, utilizing all the provided materials and suggested reading lists, or you could spend a few hours once a week dedicated to the subject biology. We chose the later.


Typically every Wednesday afternoon or evening, depending on the business of life that day, we would cast the lesson video on the television for the whole family to watch. My toddlers and younger aged children loved the videos just as much as the elder ones. My kids would pull out their “Science” notebooks and notebook while the lesson was playing. Each video ends with a review of what the main points of the lesson were about (which is VERY helpful). During this point, my older kids would pause the video and jot down information or draw maps or pictures in their notebooks while I got the younger kids off to naptime.

They would then proceed to their handwriting assignment and comprehension quiz. After this, we would move to the kitchen table and work on the activities and science experiments. We had so much fun exploring bacteria, biomes, categorizing creatures, coloring cells and more.


Journey Homeschool Academy brilliantly intermingles science and history in each of their lectures speaking of inventors and discoveries that pertain to the lesson at hand. They blend in pictures, videos and computerized images to portray concepts to the children. They use objects within their own home to get specific ideas across. For example, when we learned about how creatures are classified, we went through different objects in the kitchen and discussed where we would place things that made the most sense, and what we would place together. We then observed objects that don’t quite fit into a specific category and were challenged to decide where in the kitchen they belonged.

The video lessons are extremely engaging and made lectures in bacteria and DNA interesting to even my 4-year old son! He kept saying, “That’s so cool!” or “That’s gross!” This course is very family friendly and adaptive to a wide age span. I would say a student as young as 5-6 years old would be able to complete most of the assignments while a 10-11 year old would be challenged and learn a great deal.

Journey Homeschool Academy’s Journey Homeschool Academy felt like we had the instructors right in our living room actually teaching us about Biology, but it also feels like we are watching an entertaining film together.  My kids could visualize the different shapes of bacteria, and they could travel anywhere in the world and see any biosphere; they were experiencing science as they saw, listened, and then did projects afterward. Adding the supplemental reading (which we would have DEFINITELY done if our libraries weren’t all shut down), as well as getting outdoors to explore different things would make this course even more amazing!


Journey Homeschool Academy doesn’t only have this one course though!

They have:

Experience Biology: Upper Level

Experience Biology: Elementary

Experience Astronomy: Elementary

The upper level Biology is much more advanced and intense compared to their more laid back elementary level classes. They are rigorous college-prep biology courses including labs.

Not only do we recommend this course, but we desire to continue to make it a part of our regular homeschool. There are a few courses each year that we review that we get excited about and this has been one of them! I would highly recommend Journey Homeschool Academy’s Experience Biology: Elementary! It’s so easy to do and accomplish in your school week as the video lessons and prepared material do most of the work for you!

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