Maybe it’s somthing in the air…

Maybe it’s that second trimester energy that’s FINALLY kicking in…

Maybe it’s the Labor Day and Memorial Day Thrift store sales…

What ever it is, purging happens at our home every Fall and Spring.

Like BIG TIME purging!

It may be because I moved a LOT in my short time on Earth, but I get a serious high off of getting rid of stuff and getting things back down to a managable level. 

The most dreaded, most crucial, and most rewarding purge is the clothes. ‘Cause MAN do they add up QUICK! I always wonder when people ask how we afford to clothe all our kids… the right question is… how do you manage to decide what to keep and what NOT to keep?!?

 I swear even the clothing in our home reproduces and multiplies!!!

So, being the organized freak that I am, I, of course, have my checklists that I print and fill out. These make my life SO MUCH EASIER! Here is what they look like:

The Sunday before Labor Day we spent a few hours going through most of the kids clothes. This process pertains of each kid trying clothes on and us deciding if it’s too small, still fits, or is too damaged to pass on. We have trash bags with sizes written in sharpie on them so when Duke grows out of 4T, then out comes the 5T bag and bye-bye goes all the 4T. There are also TONS of bags of thrift store donations that get tossed too and fro like a hot potato.

Labor Day morning into the early afternoon we finished this process with Evelyn’s clothes bagging up all her 2T clothes to bring to my mom’s for longer term storage (so whoever has a girl next between us sisters can “check them out”). We ate a good lunch, popped some popcorn for our journey, and with list in hand we were off to all the Thrift Stores and Once Upon a Child’s we could manage. 

When it was all said and done, we were thankful that Alex’s dad came by and brought us some African Food. We were PRETTY BEAT! 

BUT….. We got all this for a whopping total of $93! It covered EVERYTHING we needed. Praise the Lord!

  • 5 Skirts for Mom
  • 5 Shirts for Mom
  • 2 Sweat Pants for Alecia
  • 3 Tank Tops for Alecia
  • 2 Kids Bras 
  • 7 Leggings/Pants for Evelyn
  • 7 Shirts for Evelyn
  • 3 Dresses for Evelyn
  • 1 Skirt for Evelyn
  • 1 Pair of Shoes for Evelyn
  • 1 Pants for Alex
  • 8 Shirts for Hayven
  • 4 New Movies
  • 1 Car Vacation Game
  • 6 Decorative Pumpkins

The remainder of the purging and cleaning happens on weekends or evenings where we feel up to it. The goal is to get it all done in September. Then when we leave for our family vacation, it’s all nice and ready for us to come back to cold weather and hunkering down for the snow fall and frost in our decluttered and organized home!

… yes… definitely the second trimester energy… 😉