“Naw it’s not that bad” I say as I have a flosser wedged under a cavity that was loose but still stuck in my tooth. Blood started dripping out of my mouth.

“Does it hurt?” My husband asks me flustered at the circumstances present.

“I don’t really know! My whole jaw and mouth always hurt. I’m sure it does.” As I give my filling another good yank. No luck. It’s staying in there. Guess I will need to find a dentist and go in.

You see, I recently saw a TMDJ specialist becuase my jaw has been hurting for a while.

Like 7 years a while…

I described the pain and she seemed skeptical. She insisted we take a panaramic x-ray which revealed that both of my jaw joints were dislocated and the right joint’s carteledge is almost completely disintigrated. There is no cure and no real, effecitve treatment. She was FLOORED at how I function in the state I am in. 


Well, I found a natural dentist via a friend of mine and her reaction was simular to the one of the TMDJ specialist.


Tap, tap, tap. “Can you feel that?” she inquired as she gently poked my teeth with her metal tool.




Tap, tap, tap. “Okay mark tooth number 2… can you feel that?”


“Yes I can.”


“You mean in all these teeth you feel that?




“Which hurts worse?


“They all just hurt. I mean none are terrible, but I am always in pain with my jaw and teeth it’s hard to tell where the pain in coming from.”


“Let’s try the cold stick” She touches one tooth. “Just lift your hand if you feel something,” she instructed.


I raise my hand and she proceeds to the next tooth. Again I raise my hand. She touches the next tooth.


“AHHH!!!” I yell throwing my left hand into the air and clenching my fist, curling my toes, and trying with all that is within me not to punch and shove my way out of the pain.


“I am SO SORRY! Oh man. I think you have an abscess. You failed every one of our tests. I think you need to decide if you want a root canal or if you want to extract the tooth. We are going to get you a referral and see if they can get you into the O.R. tonight. We can call right now…


There is another option though… We can try to remove the filling and see if the nerve is exposed underneath. This could hurt very badly, in which case you’ll need to go into the Urgency Room right away! Please do not put this off…”


Like I put things off….??? 


By an ordained set of circumstances, I was the last person in the office and we did the removal of the silver filling. I mean it was like a HASMAT team up in there. They had gas mask looking contraptions on their head, placed Activated Charchol under my toungue, had all sorts of suction things as well as oxygen on me. They drapped my whole face in a blue mesh cloth, which I asked them to remove since I thought I was going to suffocate!!!

Less then a minute the silver filling was out. I swished with chlorella and tonic mixture (whatever that is…)

The drilling began. And I FELT IT!

Novicane. More Novicane. More Novicane. Finally the underlid of my eye ball was numb and I was good to go. 

They pumped me full of Vitamin C, gave me a ziplock baggie filled with Bentonite clay to bathe in, and gave me detailed instructions for when the Novicane wears off what measures I should take. 

The Novicane held on for HOURS. Probably becuase they pumped me so full of it. 

It wears off slowly and slowly.

And I feel … GET THIS… NO PAIN!

The filling is white and it sits more flush with my tooth. I don’t feel nauseated or brain foggy like I normally do after visiting a dentist. I actaully feel healthier. 

I am excited to bring my twins to this Natural Dentist next!! 

I did bring them to a Natural dentist before, but this one is so much more affordable. 

I was thrilled to see the tooth products that my family has fallen in love with right there on the shelves at my natural dentist office! Click the links above to check that out!!

This powder has whitened our teeth, reduced sensitivity, dissipated chronic gum disease, and help prevent cavities in my younger children!