It’s what brings people together.
It’s what creates warm memories.
It’s the spark that ignites the fire of fellowship

It’s what nourishes our bodies to go on with life.


In our current culture, there seems to be two extremes:
(1) Fast Food. Packaged Foods. Preservatives. Additives. Diseases.
(2) All Organic. Worship the Earth. Food is our Idol.

So how do we balance these things?

Where does food play into our lives as believers, as wives and mothers, as being part of the ministry?



 — > If you haven’t yet, read our About Us page to get an understanding as to why we are so passionate about food. <–


I think 1 Corinthians 10 is an interesting Chapter that has a lot to deal with Food:
VS16-18 gives us insight on the spiritual impact eating with one another has. When we share a meal, we becomes untied with those we eat and drink with. We see this same concept with the peace offering that the Israelites were to give and provided them a way to commune with God. The whole idea was that I am eating this bread and then I offer you some bread and the same loaf is nourishing the both of us, therefore, uniting us (vs 17).
VS 14 warns us to flee from idolatry. Food is a modern day idol (or at least it can be). An idol is anything that you place before God. Are you always thinking about food? Do you spend more time and energy into providing healthy food to your family then you do at the feet of Jesus, or preparing spiritual food to feed your family’s soul? On the flip side, do I lean more toward the convince foods majority of the time as a result of laziness in my character?
VS 23-24 says that all things are lawful, but not all things are beneficial. We are also to do things not with only ourselves in mind, but keeping others in mind also. We are to provide for our need AND the needs of others. Am I purchasing my groceries and food in such a way where I am able to bless others with meals? Am I open to being liberal in giving and providing for needs in this area?
VS 25-30 makes mention of not asking questions about what is served to you, but to eat what is provided with thanksgiving. Everything is the Lord’s and He is ultimately in control. This is how I apply this verse: This, of course, doesn’t mean if you have a food allergy that you should just eat things and risk dying, but if you do try to eat healthy and you’re going to someones house who is providing food, eat it joyfully, without questioning. Don’t be a burden on people. Where God guides, God provides. 
VS 31-33 reminds us to keep our eyes on the goal: the salvation of souls to Jesus Christ. This is our main focus in life and we NEED to make sure what we do line up with this and doesn’t hinder it.

Looking at all this, our conviction is to try to feed our family food that will promote our health and quality of life. Better health means less time in the hospital, and more energy to do the work of the ministry. We decided we will not make this a burden on other people by imposing how we eat on others. We also decided that if our eating healthy prevents us from having food with other people, then we need to make some adjustments. We know our home is set apart to be a place of fellowship and a place where needs can be met. We have several food allergies that cannot be compromised with, but we do our best to bring food places so that we aren’t a burden on others.



So, with all that said… here’s the practicals on how we do food:
(1) We primarily follow traditional ways of eating.
(2) Sourdough bread with freshly milled, locally ground whole wheat flour.
(3) We get raw milk from a local farmer.
(4) We buy our meat from local farms.
(5) We ferment grains, sprout beans and eat LOTS of fermented krauts and sauces.
(6) We eat an insane amount of produce.
(7) And we do it all BIG FAMILY STYLE, but still have a budget less then most people we know.
Food is a great thing.
It’s a tool that can be used to bring people into the kingdom.

It can promote oneness and unity in the body of Christ.


But like all things, it can become an idol if we aren’t diligently guarding our hearts and minds and keeping our focus on Christ.


I pray that the posts I have that pertain to food are a blessing and encourage you to keep the main thing, the main thing. 🙂

1 Corinthians 10:31 “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”

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