My Twenties

Got married (19 years old)
Had 7 children.
Had 3 hospital births.
Had 2 birth center births.
Had a home birth.
Homeschooled 9 years.
Nearly buried my oldest daughter twice.
Helped my husband get his US citizenship.
Helped my husband get through college and get his HVAC degree.
Moved 6 times.
Bought a house.
Selling a house.
Gained a step mom, step dad, 2 siblings and two brothers-in-law.
Have 4 nephews and 1 niece (and 2 on the way!).
Traveled to Egypt, Jordan (twice), Israel (3 times).
Took so many cross country trips I can’t even count them all.
Started two businesses from scratch.
Co-owner of a third business.
Family Self employed.
Wrote 55 songs.
Composed 5 music albums.
Led worship for 8.5 years.
Got 9 tattoos.
Attended dozens of rallies and protests.
Was by the bedside of loved ones who died.
Preached the gospel and disciples dozens of people.

There’s so much more I cannot remember.

Gained a lot of friends.
Lost a lot as well.
Still here. Still following Jesus.

I am so thankful for my savior Jesus Christ. I have been so freely forgiven when I don’t deserve it. The blood he shed on the cross for my sin has forever changed my life and I will live all my decades for Him until the day I die.

I am also grateful for my husband, Alex. He is my first love, first boyfriend, first kiss and has made me the woman I am today. He has taken care of me, loved me, protected me, and led me for 13 years now! I cannot imagine life without him. I am the most blessed wife in the world!!

Thirdly, I am eternally grateful for my sisters Mariah McDowell and Pablo Alyssa Esparza. They are my best friends and my rocks. They keep me grounded when I get all worked up. They are my shoulder I cry on and the ears that hear me whine about life and then set me straight. We fight and say harsh things to each other sometimes, but we always have each other’s backs and always will because we’re family. We may have had a difficult childhood, but We made a pact to do things differently than previous generations. I am so honored to be able to raise my kids with my sisters and our kids growing up as close as siblings. There is no question that I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it weren’t for my sisters.

Finally, I am thankful for my church family. I have never been so loved ever in my life. I am truly loved. Never an unmet need and always blessed. Fed Gods Word so that my cup overflows, and most definitely fed physical food till my plate overflows. I am proud to call my pastor mine and to my brothers and sisters in Jesus I stand united in heart, love and purpose.

If God let’s me live another decade I pray that my life would truly glorify Him in every aspect. He gave His life for me and I pledge mine to Him.