Tips for Large Family Grocery Shopping:

(0) Make a Meal Plan

(1) Prepare!

Have Kids clean out the fridge, do the dishes, get the forgotten left overs out of the fridge

Get up early and put dinner in the crock pot (you’ll be exhausted after the haul).

(2) Always Pray!

Pray over the trip, that you spend the finances well, for opprotunites to share the gospel, and for opprotunities and dilligence in training your children

(3) Keep A Running Total

This helps you decide if somthing is do-able this week or not. As you go through the store you can know exaclt how much you’ve spent and how much you have left. Do you have $11 for Maple Syrup or should that wait until next week?

(4) Train Kids at a Young Age to Walk Quietly Along Side You

You’re raising mature adults. Adults don’t run crazy through the store (unless their dad is chasing them). If you train them as toddlers to do this, then adding another kid to the bunch is no sweat. 

(5) Teach Kids to Look out for Your Needs and the Needs of Others. 

They should automatically see that the cart needs to be unloaded and help out. They should see their siblings going on the wrong side of the conveyor belt and help drect them. They should see that groceries need to be bagged and placed back into the cart. Seeing a need and meeting it is a great training opprotunity!

(6) If You See A Bathroom Use It!

It’s much less time consuming to use a bathroom as you pass it  then to have to march all the way back through the store when a little one needs to go.

(7) Bigger Kids Should Be Responsible For Younger

This not only makes your job easier, but prepares your children to be future babysitters 🙂

(8) Bring Snacks!

No matter how much you think the kids ate before you left, THEY WILL BE HUNGRY

(9) Park Near a Cart Thingy

You can grab a cart to put little kids in for the walk into the store through the busy parking lot, and you can put the cart back without leaving the car too far out of sight. 

(10) Make Sure Kids Know They Get to Participate In Ministry When They Behave and Allow Their Parents to Share Jesus with People

(11) Everyone Can ALWAYS Help In Someway – Even the Youngest Toddler

Whether it’s putting their shoes in the shoe bucket, or carrying in a bag of lettuce, get even the smallest kid in the habbit of particiaping some how