We recently did some work on the Deputie Home that included new flooring. This of course rendered some creative decorating jucies to flow. When I deocrate, I love to use simplistic things that add personality, character, humor and encouragement. My husband and I also take great joy in supporting private-owned small businesses, especially ones that are crafted by the sellers own two hands! 

I scoured Amazon, Google, Ebay, and Etsy for the perfect entry mat. My heart was won when I came across this beautiful Etsy listing by HeartandHumor located in Zionsville, Indiana. The entry mat reads, “There’s Like A Lot of Kids In Here” and measures 30 inches x 18 inches. It’s painted with outdoor paint to ensure longetivity in an uncovered area. 

My mat arrived a week and a half later and was neatly wrapped and packaged in a cylander shape.

My kids all gathered around for the unveiling. 🙂

We unrolled the mat and it took it’s flat composure promtly which I was pleased about. 

I placed the mat right outside our front door on our three season porch. I wanted something that would grab the dust and dirt that often gets tracked into the home from, not only a million kids, but the large quantiy of extended family members that come and go on a daily basis.  

Brand new it was incredibly flawless, vibrant, and really became the focal point upon entering the house. It was EXACTLY what I wanted. It added character and humor to anyone, guest or family member, who entered the home. It served as a warning to those who had no idea what they were walking into on the other side of that door (although I suspect they could hear what they were getting into), and as a reminder to smile because this home is filled with love… LOTS of love.

As time went on and the weeks passed by, we did more construction on the house, we chopped down a tree in our front yard, we have had hundreds of little and big feet alike pass over this charming little mat and it has faithfully done it’s job. 

What are my thoughts now?!?

I am more and more pleased I got this mat the more and more it collects peices of lint and dirt proving it’s doing just what I bought it to do. I was tempted to get a generic mat from Menards or Amazon, but I am SO GLAD I got this one.

This mat will bless the Deputie Home for years to come.

I am looking forward to the days when I am carrying my groceries on one hip and a baby on the other,

tripping over the toddler in front of me,

covered from head to toe in rain,

when I am greeted by this little mat as I unload my burdens on the porch before unlocking the front door,

and it reminds me of how very blessed I am!

HeartandHumor has fatastic customer service and carries a wide varity of products including other entry mats and some custom clothing. My little sister is OBSESSED with Disney so I was so happy to see the Disney clothing listed in this little shop. Here are a few examples of the items that HeartandHumor carries.

This is just a taste of the creative, humorous and heart-filled items this ittle Etsy shop has to offer! Click on any of the pictures or on this link (HeartandHumor) and support this creative entrepreneur by purchasing a mat for your own home or as a house warming gift, a onsie or child’s tee for a birthday or baby shower, or a shirt for you or your spouce as a surprise gift! 

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