Every afternoon, when the bulk of our school day is done and afternoon chores are in full swing, I grab a throw blanket and my youngest kids for a time of snuggling, laughing, tickling, and reading some books. I covet books that are illustrated that brilliantly and creativley lay seeds to character and God’s Word into the fertile, impressionable soil of my children’s hearts.

One book that has quickly become one of our favorites to meditate on is His Mercy Endureth Forever Psalm 136 Illustrated by Kathleen DeJong and published by Reformed Free Publishing. We reviewed a book by this company last year called T is For Tree which we LOVED! Read that review here.

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This book is literatly, word for word, Psalm 136 in the KJV (King James Version). There are a verse or three per page along with amazing illustrations! 

Each illustration breathes fresh insight into the words that grace it’s accompaning page. For example:

To Him That By Wisdom Made the Heavens: For His Mercy Endureth Forever.

The illustration depicts a silouette gazing into the heavens with their hosts of planets and stars. The reader can’t help but get a sense of how  small  we are and how vast the universe is, yet our God holds it all in His palm. There are a few constellations are laid out on the page that led conversations and kindled a curiosity in my older kids as to what constellations are. I got to explain how even the heavens declaire God’s glory and tell the story of the Gospel! THIS WAS ONE PAGE!!!

My boys favorite page was:

To Him Which Smote Great Kings: For His Mercy Endureth Forever: And Slew Famous Kings: For His Mercy Endureth Forever: Sihon King of the Amorites: And Og The King Of Bashan: For His Mercy Endureth Forever.

When we opened to this page, they were fixated on the graphics of a war scene and various weapons. When I would try to turn this page, their little hands would stop me. “Wait Mom! Look! What’s that?”

I got to explain to them that men can prepare for battle, but victory comes from the Lord. Even if a military has very few soldiers, but they have God on their side, they will have certain victory. 

My favorite page is

To Him Which Led His People Through the Wilderness: For His Mercy Endureth Forever.

The dark of night surrounds this massive pillar of fire that is bruning bright orange contrasting the purples and blues of the night sky. It’s reflection shedding light on the surfaces of the Isralites temporary encampments in the wilderness. A man and his son sit just yards away from the pillar, yet their gazes are focused on each other. I imagine they are conversing with one another, reflect on the small and petty events of yet another day wandering all while eating some manna. God’s presence seems to be such a regular occasion to them. His warmth, His light, His direction all in a miraculaious phenomina, yet so familliar to them. Incredible!

We had so many conversations thanks to His Mercy Endureth Forever Psalm 136 by Reformed Free Publishing.

2 for 2 for this company and the Deputie Tribe!

We love these books and are PROUD to have them on our book shelf and CONFIDENT to recommend them to our friends and family.