Holiday season is a special season especially for the homeschooling family. It’s a time of building legacy and traditions. It’s a time of bonding.

The smells of cinnamon and cloves, sage turkey and roasted potatoes. Pumpkin candles and fresh crackling wood.

The sights of the first snow fall majestically floating down from the heavens and the pictures on the pages of a book never read before.

The warmness and brightness of the inside of our house when the coldness and darkness of the winter grows more and more.

And, when the kids are all at home, we get to soak in every majestical moment! We get to wake up and sip hot cocoa together, stay up way too late playing Phase 10, snuggle on the sofa for a Classical Christmas Film, or roll our and fill 8 dozen Cinnamon Rolls to indulge in the next morning.

We get to take as much or as little time off “school” as we want. Really, you never take time off educating your children. Instead you get to explore projects, take on organizing feats, shop for Black Friday Deals, or get excited about new literature and travel to new places together.

It becomes a time of exactly what YOU, the mom of the house, craft it to be. A slow, memorable few months of oneness and excitement or a chaotic time of stress and resentment.

It can be a time your whole family looks forward to, or one that they are dreading.

Despite the things that “need to get done”, YOUR attitude and perspective of what is going on around you will make or break this season.

What a BLESSING to be surrounded with little ones that run around laughing in wonder at the world around them!

What a JOY to have older kids that are able to converse over deeper ideas and can take larger loads off the food preparations and decorating expenditures!


What a PRIVILEGE to be the one to stay home, wipe snotty noses, and rock sick toddlers to sleep all night long with no commitments needing to be fulfilled the following day (such as a career or other)!

Traditions are my favorite!

I LOVE having holiday traditions!

Every Thanksgiving we make fresh, hot cinnamon rolls from scratch and bundle up and pass them out on Thanksgiving morning to all our neighbors. We then watch the parade and invite as many people over as we can followed by a LONG day of board games at my mom’s house.

The following week we take off and clean and set up Hanukkah and Christmas decorations and prepare our closets and hearts for the momentous season.

Hanukkah/Christmas week we take a two week break baking, frying, cooking and indulging. We get time to read the books we just received and break in (or break apart) the toys we just were graciously gifted.






Watch Movies.

Stay Up Late.

Sleep In Late.

Don’t Waste Another Holiday Season! 🙂