Part of home-educating kids, and I beleive the often overlooked part of the ordeal, is the many meals and snacks that need to be prepared and made throughout the day. 

It is my firm beleif that kids need real food. 

And I am a sucker for some good, traditional food!

Let’s take a look into what we’ve been munching on during our first week back to school!

Every day we’re fermenting. 


Whether it’s our daily loaf sourdough bread, fresh picked veggies from our garden or the farmer’s market, yogurt from our raw milk, or rice, beans and oats for the next few day’s meals, a third of our counter space is always occupied. 

 Fermented Veggies are a very QUICK and EXTREEMLEY NUTRITIOUS snack, side dish, or topping to ANY meal during ANY part of the day. Not to mention, fermented produce can last for many, many months in the back of the fridge. Fresh produce only lasts about a week.

Extra Sourdough Starer? 


I often take olive oil, shredded cheese, garlic powder and salt and fried up some “cheesy sour cakes” in my mini cast iron. We cut it up with a pizza cutter and opened a can of home made pizza sauce for dipping. Accompanying this meal is some freshly fermented pickles. Yummm Yummmm!!

The best compliment for sourdough bread fresh out of the early morning oven is a slab of grass fed butter, a runny egg, a piece of extra sharp cheddar cheese, a ripe tomato just picked after the morning garden watering, and some fresh cucumbers picked a couple days ago.

The variations of this meal are endless. Diffrent cheeses, veggies, toppings, and spreads make this lunch cover all your food types and is truly satisfying and brain-feeding to keep all those kidds going throughout the rest of the school day. 

Have you ever made your own BBQ suace?


Some molasses, bone broth, ketchup, spices, and liquid smoke is all it takes! We threw this in the instant pot with a pork roast, cooked some rice in bone broth, and garnished this dish with home fermented sour kraut and green onions from the farmers market. 


Meals that are easy to toss in the pressure cooker or slow cooker are a home educating mama’s best friend. I have a Pinterest board with a few of these meals on hand for the days that I need them!




If you’re going to have a sugary choclate cake, you might as well have a homemade one that doesn’t include all the unnessesary ingredients. 

This cake was a traditional chocolate cake with white flour, sugar, and vegetable oil, but I added a cup of hot coffee into the batter as well as some powdered coffee to the frosting. Adults and kids alike devoured this cake in it’s entirety. 


Cakes, muffins, quick breads, and cookies are a real treat at the end of the school week to reward yourself… I mean the kids for a job well done! They don’t always need to be sugary though… maple syrup, honey or xylitol are great substitutes and turn those treats into easy snacks for that stretch between that lunch and dinner stretch of the day. 


I know life get’s busy, but I really believe it’s crucial to be in the kitchen and making your family nutrient dense meals. With all the chronic diseases we face in our day and age and with the flu season and all the nasty bugs that infect us, a healthy diet full of good, gut healing foods will only benefit you. On top of this, our kids brains NEED good food to think, learn, sleep, and grow. 

I hope you’re inspired and re-inovating those school lunches you’re packing for your spouce and your kiddos! 😉