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Since January of 2017 I have been doing reviews for the Homeschool Review Crew which is a branch of The Old Schoolhouse also known as TOS. The Homeschool Review Crew is a group of 200 or so homeschooling families world wide that blog about homeschool products. We review products and use social media as an outlet to get the news about these products out.


The reviews that I do are honest.

If something doesn’t work for our family, I explain why.

If we LOVE something, we get pretty enthusiastic about it!


The reviews that I do are based on a Biblical Worldview.

If something is contrary to God’s Word or shows any red flags in this regard, I will let you know.


The reviews that I do are personal.

I try very hard to use these products as they were intended and include real stories of real experiences, photos, and sometimes videos.


The reviews that I do are good quality.

I try to include all information that I would want to know about something.

What does it include?

How can you use it?

What age group works well with this product?

Is it large family friendly?

Is it a physical product or a download?

And more questions like these.

The reviews are linked to many other reviews of the same product!

Because I work with a crew, at the bottom of my Crew Reviews I include a banner with a link so that you can view other reviews on the same product.


Here are some of the products we’ve been reviewing recently:


2018 Deputie Favorites!

2018 Deputie Favorites!

It's Time to Round Up The Year! 2018 on the Homeschool Review Crew was a BLAST! Here are a list of the reviews we did and links to each and every review. Below that is a snippet of our favorites.Audio Dramas: Heirloom Audio: Wulf the Saxon Heirloom Audio: Sti....

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Every afternoon, when the bulk of our school day is done and afternoon chores are in full swing, I grab a throw blanket and my youngest kids for a time of snuggling, laughing, tickling, and reading some books. I covet books that are illustrated that brilliantly and...

For The Temple Heirloom Audio Review

Minne - "snow" - ta ... I mean Minnesota often imprisons us in our abodes while she has her fun and joy covering our streets with ice and entertains Jack Frost as her guest. For the homeschooler, these long, cold "snowed-in" months can cause a mother to grasp...

Homeschool Complete Review

Watch our Video Review of Homeschooling Complete’s Unit Study US Symbols.

Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year Review *VIDEO*

The Old Schoolhouse: Hey, Mama! Homeschool Planner for 2019/20 Year:    Read MORE about this PLANNER! Click on the BANNER! 81 other...

Nothing Book Review

Read our book review on “Nothing” by Natalee Creech.

Worthy Kids Book #3 & #4 Review

My kids tend to consume books like they are candy. No, faster then that... like they are a glass of ice cold lemonade when they've been running around in the hot sun all day and are dehyrdated as the desert dust. It was no surprise to me when my kids devoured Worthy...

Elizabeth Prentiss Book Review

Watch out Video Review on this great biography for kids!

Life With Dog Movie Review

Summer has finally rolled out all it has to offer us up here in the Midwest: longer days and warmer weather. Exploring our State Parks, going swimming, and spending endless hours at playgrounds and museums is among the many ways we home-educate during this season,...

The Heart Changer Book Review

Watch our review of this book!

USA Activity Bundle Pack

Here in the DeputieTribe household, we teach what we consider core subjects for majority of the kids years: Language Arts, Math, Music, Economics and of course the Bible. As far as History, Geography, Science, Government ect. goes, we take a non-curriculum based...

Nothing Book Review

Read our book review on “Nothing” by Natalee Creech.

Math Invaders and Typing Tournament Review

Summer is here! I was definitely on the lookout for fun, relaxing ways for my kids to practice the skills they've learned this last school year. Spend all morning in the sunshine, then settle down for nap and a func learning activity. Sounds great doesn't it?!?...

Brinkman Adventures Season 6 Underground Rising Review

A review on this classic and intense audio drama by Brinkman Adventures called Underground Rising Season 6!

Matific Galaxy Review

It can be sometimes difficult in the three months of summer vacation to keep kids tuned up on math concepts they learned during the 9 months they were studying. Not to mention getting them prepared to enter the next grade level when September rolls around. But what...

Master Kits The Starry Night Review

Our Review of’s Master Kits The Starry Night!

Elizabeth Prentiss Book Review

Watch out Video Review on this great biography for kids!

Times Alive Online Review

Is your child struggling to memorize their multiplication facts? Do they need a good review before hitting the books this school year? Are you looking for somthing fun and simple to supplement your math cirriculum that focuses on math facts? If you answered YES to...

Elementary Math Games The Critical Thinking Co. Review

Read our Review on Elementary Math Games by the Critical Thinking Co.!

Library and Educational Services LLC REVIEW!!!

Check out this neat service that allows you to have library quality books right in your home for a FRACTION of the price!!

Hamelin Stoop Series Review

Thank you for watching our review!     12 Gates Publishing:   Hamelin Stoop Series:   Book One: The Eagle, The Cave, and the Footbridge:  ...