If you had ONE SHOT.

To influence your kids. 

To instill an importance in certain areas.

To instruct and lay a foundation of wisdom and habits that would follow them their entire life on Earth.

To discover their joys and passions along side them.

What would be the things you would want to have spend the time teaching your children in while you still could?

What’s your plan to do so?

I want my kids to have a dependence on the Word of God.

I want them to have witnessed and experienced how it applies to every day life.

I want them to have their questions answered by it.

I want to them to be inspired to discover why it says some of the things it says.

I want them to have developed a habit of reading it daily.

I want them to participate in church.

I want them to know what’s going to be taught and to have read ahead. 

I want them involved in other’s lives, serving them, praying with them, encouraging them, crying with them. 

How am I instilling these things in them?

I have always had my children have a Bible time alone with the Lord. They will either have a study they can follow, take notes as they read ahead for Sunday’s and Thursday’s teachings in their classes, or a sheet that I typed up and printed for them to fill out. 

As a family we try to weekly go over what the Lord has been teaching all of us.

We’re constantly involved in people’s lives together, serving together, fellowshipping together, ministering together.

We share what trials our family is facing, we find answers in God’s Word and we watch how He comes through!


I want my kids to always tell the truth.

I want them to do what is right even when others do what is wrong. 

I want them to have a very strong work ethic.

I want them to be productive and not just consume.

I want them to have habits of personal responsibility.

I want them to see a need and meet the need. 

I want them to have moderation and know contentment in food and possessions.

I want them to choose who they call their friends and best friends wisely. 

I want them to obey immediatly, cheerfully, and thoughoughly.

I want them to trust Alex and I.

I want them to be content with being “single” until the right man/woman comes along for them. 


How am I instilling these things in them?

We require the truth and teach sayings such as “It is better to die for the truth than to live for a lie”.

We read them stories of heroes of the faith and of our heritage that have portrayed the characters listed above. 

We continually correct and train them in habits of those listed above. 

We teach them at a young age how to start a business and how to manage money.

We include them in all household work and extra activities we participate in. 

We restrict the amounts of certain foods, electronics, and possessions they are alowed to consume teaching them why.

We monitor their friendships and use interactions with others as teaching opprotunities on how to communicate, love, rebuke, correct, and serve.

We have them take care of their younger siblings.

We show them how much we love them, are interested in them and want to bless them. 

I  want our children to be well educated and equiped for God’s calling on their lives.

I want them to have a firm grip on where they came from and what it cost others for them to have the opprotunities they have.

I want them to be able to understand and  communicate with ease.

I want them to be able to calculate math concepts they will need for daily life success.

I want them to be in a position where they can be leaders and teachers.


How am I instilling these things in them?

We are taking their education seriously and making sure they do too.

We are tailoring their education according to their passions, gifts, and callings while still laying a strong foundation on the basics.

We are focusing on language, math, and history/government as well as a good grip on economics since these are important to us as a family.

We are pursing to have all our children graduate highschool, and Lord willing, complete two years of college by the age of 18.

Proverbs 19:18 says, Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

What is YOUR vision for you kids?

How are YOU implementing it?

Be encouraged to press on!

You only get ONE SHOT.