I am combining these two aspects since in my life they tend to overlap. I LOVE learning about health and food. I love learning about traditional food and eating and providing nutritious and delicious meals for my family. 

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I believe it’s important for stay-at-home moms to continue to build their skills and chase their interests. First of all, God has placed these desires and gifts in you to serve your family, your church family, and your community. Nowhere in the Bible does it ever allude to a woman abandoning all she is interested in or driven toward when she becomes a wife or a mother. I think Proverbs 31 is such a wonderful encouragement toward women to grow their knowledge and skills. 

I also believe there is no better example to our children then we do ourselves. If our kids see us learning an instrument, borrowing books from the library to learn certain skills, working at a project on Photoshop and watching video tutorials in order to better those skills, or taking some classes on writing to perfect the art of journalism. 

My interests and ambitions are LARGE and I fully admit they are larger then most. Every year I have new pursuits, new goals, new entrepreneur enterprises, and new projects. 

  • Writing music and publishing 5 worship albums 
  • Gardening, canning, fermenting, dehydrating
  • Herbalism and cream making
  • Bone broths and the art of soups
  • Fermenting all sorts of food from fish sauce to kombucha
  • Starting up a small business and seeing how successful it can be
  • Writing my own home-education curriculum
  • Starting a YouTube channel and learning how to edit videos
  • Learning how to work my own recording studio and edit audio clips professionally
  • Working Photoshop, a light box, and taking food photographs
  • Writing for a magazine
  • Doing reviews on homeschool curriculum
  • Learning the French language and being able to read, write, and sing in French

Most of my goals focus on health. The reason for this is my background in having terrible health problems my entire life and spending more than a decade studying the human biology, immunology, nutrition, herbalism and so much more. I have taken the most severe health crisis and through a basic knowledge of food and herbalism, have seen chronic, life-threatening “diseases” disappear. Going from being tagged as “infertile” and “severely allergic” to foods to having seven children and barley getting sick at all any more. 

All these passions, all these skills, all these journeys I get to go on… and because I home educate, I get to bring my kids along with me! 

So when I pose these questions, what are your passions? What have you wanted to learn and why? How will it benefit your family? 

Health: What eating goals do you have? Exercise goals? What health problems do you face and what is your plan to strengthen and heal your body? 

Learning: What new skills do you want to acquire and what is your plan to learn them? What hobbies do you want to take on? 

Maybe your family deals with obesity? 

Maybe you have autoimmune diseases? 

Perhaps you have been struggling with infertility?

Maybe you’ve always dreamt of opening an Etsy store?

Or starting a cupcake business?

Maybe you’ve been inspired to explore the world of bread making?

Want to sew your own clothing?

Include these passions into your plan!

And remember these plans are homogenous to one another. They aren’t compartmentalized at all! The skills and health goals you have can be tools to educating your children, serving in ministry, and can even contribute to your family’s financial burden.