Disclosure: I received this product free through the Homeschool Review Crew

LeapFrog has always been known for their creative and innovative teaching tools. They created a product geared for 3-6 year olds called LeapFrog Academy, which my 3-year old and 4-year old have had the pleasure of exploring this last month!

LeapFrog Academy is an interactive learning platform compatible with most devices. WiFi is not required to play, there are no ads, and no in-game purchases. It is a subscription based learning program.

There are so many aspects to LeapFrog Academy that literally create a whole world of learning. In fact, it’s called “My World” and is open to exploring and interacting with. There is also a world-like arena called “Learning Adventure” that is a guided learning adventure leading the student from reading a book, to listening to a song, to playing a puzzle and earning prizes and progressing through the land.

Preschool basics, phonics and reading material, and basic math and other subject material is always accessible from the Home Screen/Student Dashboard for quick and pointed learning. It provides plenty of extra content for practice and mastery including printable worksheets. The game also tracks your student’s progress so you can see what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Each of my preschoolers had their own profile and avatar. I alternated between which open of them got to play in the afternoon after nap time for 30 minutes or so. Usually, my 7-year old would look over their shoulders and enjoy the games and videos the preschoolers explored.

I have always loved the LeapFrog preschool videos and their LeapFrog Academy meets the same high standard of educational material for preschoolers. I am not the type of parent that allows any empty entertainment in our home. Everything needs to be educational or edifying in some way. I felt good about allowing 30 minutes of this type of entertainment.

The only thing that raised a red flag for me was a section labeled “Feelings & Health”. There was very little material in this category, but one of them was about Yoga Poses, which I am not in support of teaching anyone including children. Secondly, I would keep an eye on what content is loaded into this bracket for those who want to be the first to teach their children about this topic and anything that it may include.

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