You’re looking at the NEW partner at! That’s right! The Deputie Family has been praying and preparing and we are offically taking the reigns of taking the company to the next level!

What is Fermentools?

Fermentools was started by Matt Gross in 2013. His passion and vision was to create a product that could turn any mason jar into a fermenting vessel with his custom designed airlock system that includes:
(1) Stainless Steel Lid—Made from 304 surgical stainless steel, the corrosion-resistant lid will last a lifetime.
(2) Glass Fermentation Weight—Made to fit inside your standard wide-mouthed Mason jar perfectly.
(3) Air Lock System
(4) Rubber Stoppers
(5) Rubber Gasket
(6) Himalayan Powdered Salt—Our ancient Himalayan sea salt has over 80 trace minerals and is ground fine enough to easily mix with cold water.

If you have watched any of our Youtube channels or read my posts about food and fermenting you would have seen Fermentools products in many of my videos and posts. My family has used these amazing, easy to lean, and high quality fermenting airlock mason jar kits for years and years. A lot of our health improvements with the chronic illnesses we’ve battled have been overcome using Fermentools products. 

What does Fermentools offer?

What does this mean for

Nothing except more content! As you know, we are a family of entreupeneurs! My sisters and I started Ancient Medicine Cabinet a few years back together and I am still participating in the shipping department of this business.

My girls started their own little side jobs learning how to market, research competition, make sales calls, and balance a budget. 

We also work with the Homeschool Review Crew reviewing homeschooling curriculum and products that are family orientated. 

NOW, as a whole family we are going to be taking the foundation that was laid for and running wild with it! I can’t wait to share the changes, adventures, ups and downs! Stay tuned and keep us in your prayers!