Summer is here!

I was definitely on the lookout for fun, relaxing ways for my kids to practice the skills they’ve learned this last school year. Spend all morning in the sunshine, then settle down for nap and a func learning activity. Sounds great doesn’t it?!?

Luckily, we had the opportunity to review Math Invaders Online and Typing Tournament Online by EdAlive. We focused this review on Math Invaders Online.

What Is Math Invaders Online?

Math Invaders Online is a fun, interactive resource to comprehend and master math facts. It includes the following topics to practice:

 ~ times tables ~ addition ~ subtraction ~ multiplication ~ division ~ fractions ~ decimals ~ percentages ~ numeration ~ counting ~ squares ~ square roots ~ powers ~ direct numbers ~ and more! ~


It's well known that kids learn best when they are having fun. This game strengthened my children's grip on multiplication and even helped them understand division, which I haven't even taught them yet! The thrill of advancing to the next level and the challenge of defeating the next "wave" drove my girls to be quick on their mathematical thinking "feet". Speed, acuracy, and deeper understanding of how math concepts relate is the fruit I have seen from this program.

How does Math Invaders Online Work?

Once your child logs in with their personal username and password they are brought to a home page that shows them their “Defender Level” and gives them three options of where to begin. They can endeavor on their “Galactic Campaign”, play “Space Rescue” with other live players or with computers, or they can “Practice” specific areas of math using the game. 

The Galactic Campaign has a map with levels that, when completed, advance to the next galaxy. Each galaxy gets progressively harder and introduces new math concepts. Each level has a “wave” where the defender (your child or student) needs to do just that, defend the galaxy from the Math Invaders by answering a series of math questions. When the answer is typed onto your spaceship, the “enter” button is pressed, and your ship ZAPS the problem that the answer belongs to. The math equation disintegrates and is replaced with another invading equation. This is repeated until the galaxy is safe and all the Math Invaders are destroyed!

Space Rescue is another option for game play. It is similar to battleship in where the child attempts to find the hidden spaceship.  I had my daughter, Alecia, walk you through how to play this game. Watch the video!! 

When the Practice button is selected on the main menu, there are many customizable options to target specific areas of math for the student to pracice. The defender can select many areas of specialized practice, or very pointed math facts such as just the 7-times-tables. This game is the same as the one in the Galactic Campaign where the defender conqueros “waves” of Math Invaders, but the only equations that will appear are the ones in the groups that were selected. 


Printable worksheets are also available for extra seat work!


How Did We Use This?

We used this program several times a week for periods of 20-30 minutes at a time. The regular practice of this game provided tremendous growth in my kids! We recommend this program as a supplement to any math program. 

Math facts are the building blocks of math. I think in the recent years, kids haven't been encouraged to memorize them or have a great handle on them before they are too quickly pushed through all the levels of math never having a chance to gain real mastery in basic facts. Math Invaders Online is a fantastic supplement towards the mastery that is so needed.

EdAlive also offers Typing Tournament. Here is a sneak peek on what that looks like. 

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Thank you for reading this review!

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