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It seems as though math curriculums are getting more and more confusing each year. First off, nearly every math book that can be purchased at a school supply store, and many online math curriculum, are ones that are common core aligned. A secondary hurdle is doing the actual teaching as a parent. Sometimes I wonder if I am equip to teach my children the higher math. Sometimes I struggle giving each of my children the one-on-one instruction they each need. I found solutions to each of these struggles while using MathandAlgebra.com.

For the last couple of months, my oldest girls, ages 8, 10, and 10, have been working through MathandAlgebra.com one-year family subscription that includes four complete math courses. Elementary, Intermediate, PreAlgebra, and Algebra 1. What convinced me to review this curriculum was their tag line right on the front page, “It’s Not Common Core, It’s Common Sense”. In the past, you have seen us review math curriculum that IS Common Core aligned, and I hope those reviews encouraged my readers to continue to inform themselves, but I thought it would be absolutely refreshing to dive into a curriculum that is clearly NOT Common Core aligned!

The Pros
Self Sufficient: I loved how this course taught my children via simplified and comprehensive instruction. They each had their own log in information and were all able to watch the lesson’s video and complete the worksheet without much assistance from me!

Not Overwhelming: Each lesson is anything but overwhelming. There is one video lessons and one worksheet with two sides of problems to work through. Our kids watched the video at the beginning of the week and worked through portions of the worksheet through the rest of the week. We did as many questions as we wanted and then put it away for the day. When I felt they had a good grip on the topic, they would move to the following lesson.

Strides in Comprehension: The results my girls had in such a short period of time was outstanding! My daughter Alecia, 10 years old, really excelled at this program. She said she understood math so much clearer then any other program she has ever tried. I could tell by how well she could handle advanced math concepts. She shared that it was so simple with the videos and the examples the teacher gave that it made her enjoy and look forward to doing math.


My daughter Hayven, 8 years old, has always struggled with long multiplication and division. She would usually get 2 our of every 5 problems she did wrong on former math programs. After a couple months of MathandAlgerbra.com, she rarely gets a math question incorrect! I can tell she feels much more confident in her answers when we sit down to correct her work.


Advance Quickly: Another aspect I love about MathandAlerbra.com, specifically the annual plan, is that my children could advance as quickly as they wanted. This was the case for my Alecia. Students can also take their time and slow down if they need to wrap their minds around a specific concept, like my daughter Hayven.

Simple Instruction: The teacher speaks slowly and works the students through concepts in a manner that they can keep up with him. My Hayven specifically benefited from this. She shared with me that most math instruction is quick paced and have students answering the teachers questions. These things make her unable to keep up with what is going on or cause her to get distracted. Having the teacher slowly working just her through the problems helped her to be able to work through the concepts with him on her paper and focus her mind on a single thing: the math!

The Cons
Confusing Answer Keys: Ahavah did not like how the answer sheets were laid out and I agree with her. There were answers to questions labeled “S” before the numbered problems and it was always confusing trying to figure out which answers went with which problems. We also found many mistypes with the answers to the problems, some of which we sent to the creator of this program. This area needs some revision. I often resulted to using a calculator to find the answers to problems instead of the answer sheets to avoid the hassle of trying to decode which answer went with which problem.

Only One Worksheet Practice: Each lesson (at least all the lessons we completed) had only one worksheet worth of practice. Like I mentioned before, the worksheet doesn’t need to be completed in one sitting. We spread it out over the course of a school week. However, I think it would be an improvement to have more worksheets available for further practice.

I honestly didn’t think I was going to see the results I have using MathandAlgebra.com. I expected to review this product and then return to the curriculum we have been using for years. However, the results are undeniable. MathandAlgebra.com is so simple, yet produces complex results. I am thankful for the annual subscription as it will allow me to continue using this program with my oldest three children for the remainder of the year. I am contemplating putting my 7-year old son on MathandAlgebra.com to experience his results as a newcomer to mathematics.

If you are interested in trying MathandAlgerbra with your children, you can try it by clicking their “Try Our Demo Today” button on their main page. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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