It can be sometimes difficult in the three months of summer vacation to keep kids tuned up on math concepts they learned during the 9 months they were studying. Not to mention getting them prepared to enter the next grade level when September rolls around. But what kid wants to do math drills and worksheets, take lessons and study over their much earned break? I LOVE finding tools that are exciting, captivating, and entertaining so everyone is taken back when they realize they are learning! *GASP!!*

Matific Galaxy has generously given us the opportunity to review their one-year subscription and let me tell you, this is one of the better made online learning programs. It’s self-guided by the child, which is perfect for summer vacation (especially for a homeschooling mom who loves her time off)! But what impressed me most was the “story line” the program has giving it a campaign/conquest feel, as well as the creative ways it has children continuously going over concepts they previously learned, and the graphics were top notch!

Let’s dive into the nitty gritty!!

Anything that has a story and quest draws a child in with adventure and holds them with the desire to conquer a quest. The story line for Matific Galaxy is this: a bag guy (I didn’t catch a name or anything for this cartoonish character so I came up with a very creative and unique one for him – bad guy) captured innocent creatures in outer space turning them into a pixelized mess! The child journeys from one planet to the next restoring the creatures pixel by pixel by completing math games. As each game is completed, the creature gains a bit more of his appearance. Once the creature is fully put back together, the child then needs to take care of each of the creatures he/she has won by continuing to play once mastered games to earn accessories for each creature. The creatures happiness level is displayed and can be increased by washing them, feeding them and purchasing them items.

If the child has neglected playing for some time, many of the lessons they completed will lock back up and require to be played again to unlock. Prizes are earned for every achievement.

Games include all math topics! Cutting symmetrical shapes, angles and their degrees, types of triangles, fractions, geometry and SO MUCH MORE!

Here are some examples of the games:

A parent can at all times track the child’s progress on the website, however, Matific Galaxy sends the parent weekly emails of the child’s progress as well. Here is an example of what those look like:




“I love Matific Galaxy, It feels like an other computer game you play, but you’re learning stuff. My favorite part is taking care of them and buying them things to make them happy!”



The largest thing I noticed was how fast my kids came to understand concepts I have never taught them because they needed to grasp them to complete the game. I don’t think they even fully saw how many concepts they have grasped in such a short time! I can’t wait to start 4th grade math and watch the things we learned through Matific Galaxy relate to the things we’ll be learning in math class!

I was extremely impressed at the quality of the games Matific Galaxy. They were brilliant and all my kids huddled around the computer coaching the kid playing on what to do. They laughed together, made guesses to the answers together and cheered when they completed a level! I loved hearing them say, “THAT’S NOT AN ACUTE ANGLE! THAT IS!”

Even during play I have seen my kids take three blocks and create the three points of a triangle. They create “obtuse” triangles and “acute” triangles adjusting the blocks as needed.



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