Organic Meat is expensive!


Purchasing meat from local farmers is much more costly then buying that MEGA TUBE of meat from Costco.


  But is it really?


I guess either way, you get what you pay for! 


Organic, grass fed beef and free-range, healthy chickens have far more nutritional value than your store bought, mass produced animals from the store. So much so, if a person goes to the doctor for anemia, they will be told by their doctor to eat GRASS FED beef because it has more iron, more minerals, more nutition then convetnional beef.


The processing of these meats are also different. Conventional meat is bleached, treated with several chemicals, dyed to appear pink and fresh, and then packaged in large factory-type settings. Yes, it is in these settings that majority of our salmonella and E-coli outbreaks happen, not in the small, private owned butcher shops, or even in the open fields where chickens are processed by local farmers. And by processed I mean, feathered, gutted, rinsed, and packaged. Nothing else.


Another “cost to pay” is the continual doses of antibiotics that are being consumed through the meat bought in grocery stores. When animals are packed so close together in the plants where they are grown conventionally, they get sick. They also are getting sick because they are eating food they were not meant to eat and, consequently, are deprived of what they need nutritionally to have functioning immune systems. Therefore, disease and infections are common place. Antibiotics are a routine practice in conventional farming to keep the animals “well”… This is one of the causes of immune-resistent bacteria: continual doses of antibiotics being consumed day after day.


So, how DO you make organic meat stretch to feed larger amounts of people?

Here are a few quick hacks that I have implemented that make a BIG difference.