Crowded places can be a real challenge and, quite frankly, nowadays, pretty scary! Here are some hacks and tips that we practice as a family with 6 little kids and 1 on the way so we can still enjoy places like The State Fair, the Zoo, Museums, Festivals and Malls.


Here are the tips I mention in the Video:

(1) Reflector Vests: These help you spot your kids in a LARGE crowd from a FAR AWAY distance. They also allow vehicles to see your kids at night. You can write your phone number on the inside of the vest so if a child does get lost, they can point out how to contact their parents.

(2) Phone Number Sharpie: Keep a Sharpie in your purse, diaperbag, or nerdy fanny pack. Writing your number in large print on the little kids arms who haven’t yet memorized your phone number will put your mind at ease.

(3) Always Pack Food: Trust me, no matter how much you eat or plan to eat out, your kids will probably be hungry. Having food on hand prevents many a melt downs. Car breaks down, random trip to the store comes up, an invite to another person’s house for fellowship, unfortunatly surprise hospital visit… have food on hand. 

(4) Invest in Disposable: Water bottles, zip lock bags, wipes and diapers. Its so much less burdensome to toss empty containers then to carry 100 heavy plastic or metal bottles and plastic bulky tupperwares in the bottom of your stroller. Wipes clean up inevitable messes with ease. Disposable diapers speak for themselves. 

(5) Stroller for Every Occasion: I have my bulky double that each seat lays flat (for LONG days when naps are needed), my sit stand with a large basket (for farmerms market in case the toddler needs to ride, but less bulky to navigate tight spaces, and pleanty of storgae for produce and meat), and my umbrella stroller (for malls or stores; light weight, small storage, folds up flat).


Now here are some BONUS HACKS!

(6) Get Your Conceal and Carry Liscense: Truly, in today’s world, I beleive every American citiczen, especially every parent of young kids, should carry a gun and train with it. Have holsters that you train with and ones that suit every occasion and stage of life.

(7) Code Words and Meet Up Points: Train your kids in emergency situations what to do. When they need to drop everything and get behind you, how they know if someone is really supposed to pick them up and take them somewhere, where to meet up in case they do get lost at a certain location, and where the exits in a building are in case they need to escape quickly. 

(8) Bring Help: Who wouldn’t want to be invited to accompany you to a fair, museum, or festival? The extra hands, ears, and eyes increase your odds of  keeping little wanderers safe.


That’s all I can think of for now!

What are some things YOU practice with YOUR FAMILY when you’re out in a crowded place?

Share in the comments below!!