The building blocks of discipline and work ethic in a child begin in the home and begin at a very early age. I believe a great work ethic starts here:

Morning and Evening Chores.

In this video I discuss: 

– The importance of teaching kids 

(a) Self Responsibility

(b) Self Reliance 

(c) Contributing to the Family Unit – Looking out for others, not just self 

 – Age-Specific Chores and the Progression of Responsibility 

– Sleeping in VS Setting an Alarm 

– How to Teach Morning/Evening Chore Routines 

– Keeping Toys Organized and Picked Up 

– Teaching Kids to Dress Themselves 

– Older Kids Help Younger Kids 

–  How to Get Kids to Get Up and Ready on Their Own So You Can Sleep In

– Persoanlizing Morning Routines To Meet Your Family’s Needs

– Main Goal: Raising Mature Adults

– Having A Consistently Clean Home (For the Most Part 😉 )


Thanks for Watching!!