God Equips the Called.

This year, more than ever before, we feel compelled and stirred within the deepest part of our convictions as Bible-believing Christians, as American citizens, as parents, and as students of history to get much more involved in what is going on in our city, state, and country.

Government of Man VS Government of God

How Then Shall We Live In Today's World?

It Only Takes One Calm Voice of Reason

We learned quite a bit in our first full day at the capitol. 

We attended some sort of comittee meeting after participating in a protest against some law changes happening in our state.

The kids did very, very well. 

It was about 45 minutes in the meeting room and over an hour outside of the room talking to the head chairman.

After that we ate lunch. 

Alex was able to share the gospel and encourage a man we sat near.

We then marched all the way through the building where all the House of Representative Legeslators are. We passed out letters stating that we opposed the changes that are trying to be inforced. We happened to run into our representative while we were there! He was GREAT! He invitied us into his office, met all our kids, and listened to our concerns. 

We did the same through the building where our Senate’s offices are located, but ours wasn’t in his office. We did, however, set up a meeting with him in a few weeks to talk about things that are near and dear to our hearts. 

We attended a LARGE meeting where ALL the representatives got together to vote on some bills. It was the quickest, most confusing meeting we’ve ever experienced. It went so fast and on-lookers had NO IDEA what was going on. It was almost all in “code”. They did pray and pledge allegiance to the Flag before it commenced.




Overall, we learned several valuable lessons. 

(1) SHOWING UP MATTERS! We were SHOCKED at the media coverage and the affect a group of us showing up had! The very bill that we showed up to oppose was not yet fully revealed to the public… well after we showed up, it forced the Democratic party to come forward with the bill.

(2) BEFRIENDING YOUR REPRESENTATIVES MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Getting to know your legislator, and better yet, them getting to know you makes a huge impact. Putting a face to the people he/she represents and hearing what your concerns are is vital. 

(3) KIDS LEARN SO MUCH FROM EXPERIENCE: They may not have been able to dictate what they experiences, but they are still thinking about what they saw, heard, partook in and relating their experience to things they are reading, studying in history, seeing on TV, or reading Proverbs. They have context. 

(4) GOD PLACES PASSIONS, GIFTS AND CALLINGS ON ALL OF US: If we all function where God called us, filled with and led by HIS Holy Spirit, then our church would be without lack. We all compliment and support each other. It’s amazing. 

(5) LIVING OUT FAITH BRINGS DEVOTION AND PRAYER LIFE … LIFE! The Dead Sea is dead because it has no outlet. When we fall into the rut of living in our ordinary, boxed-in, comfortable life, we never experience the depth of God’s grace, the extent of His mercy, the fire of His love, and the power of His Holy Spirit. 


This is the first of MANY posts like this this year as we have two more dates set and ready to be down at the capitol for the day. 

I pray you’re encouraged and stirred up to do what God has for you!