NORMALLY… our Thanksgivings consited of three MAJOR traditions.

(1) I make an ungodly amount of cinnamon rolls **from scratch** and bake them fresh in the morning. We pass them out to ALL our neighbors

(2) My sisters and their families come over to watch the parade and eat cinnamon rolls. We do a breakfast feast

(3) We all head to my mom and step dad’s house to eat, watch movies and play games all night


BUT… this year has been FAR from normal.


Our governor is still on his illegal and tyrannical reign and told us we were “not allowed” to have Thanksgiving with family and friends this year. In response to this, a number of Patriots held Thanksgiving outside of his home! I had some food set aside to bring to that event as well as 5 airpots of coffee we were bringing to share.

We knew many families would be orphaned this year, so we also decided to host a Thanksgiving dinner at Sojourner’s Cafe with coffee, games and loads of food.


Unfortunately, I started to feel a bit off Wednesday evening, so I thought it would be most responsible for me to stay home and not spread whatever sickness I may be getting (funny how I can figure that out without the government’s input… I mean I have been sick many times before…). So Alex went to the governor’s mansion.


Thankfully, prior to getting sick, I set aside a day to get a lot of my major prep work out of the way. I chopped pounds of vegetables, thawed and brined two turkeys, fried and baked all I needed!

On the menu would be

(1) Two Turkeys – One ended up going to my sister and one to us

(2) A HUGE pan of vegetable root stuffing. See recipe here.

(3) Organic Green Beans – with bone broth and tallow

(4) Potatoes – with bone broth

(5) An appetizer spread of snacks

(6) Broth for Drinking

(7) Fried Plantains for dessert


I did end up recruiting a bit of help… Dwayne watched cartoons with some of my little kids and my brother-in-law, Uncle Doug, came and fixed the broken over for me! 🙂


The kids and I played games and ate snacks until Alex got home. We then ate dinner and had a movie marathon completing the Avengers movies in their entirety. We’ve been working on them over the last 6 months or so.

I made a short list of some of the things we are thankful for this year:

* Our 7th baby Earth side was born (home birth 🤗)
* We became completely self employed
* We sold our house
* We ran for MN State Senate
* My niece was born, and another due in December
* My mom had breast cancer and a mastectomy with no chemo or radiation needed
* My daughter broke her arm and it recovered fully
* Our 15 passenger van engine exploded, but no one was hurt
* We saved up and got an even BETTER vehicle
* Got physically and verbally assaulted numerous times, but never hurt
* No matter what happens, we are not going to Hell when we die because we believe in Jesus!