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Does Going to Church Matter?

Does Going to Church Matter?

Many will open this post, scroll down, be intimidated by it's length and go on to click meaningless advertisements. Those who persevere and meditate on the truths below will be challenged and blessed. Unfortunately many have forsaken the art of thinking for oneself...

We Did Genetic Testing and Found Surprising Results!

We Did Genetic Testing and Found Surprising Results!

We are pleased and thankful for who the Lord made us and that He brought us together. We feel more equipped to pass our legacy onto our children.
We may have our roots that cross the globe, but we are both AMERICAN and of this we are immensely honored and proud.
We are both BELIEVERS IN JESUS CHRIST and our inheritance is in heaven.
This is the glorious and noble birthright we bear and our children bear. 

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Things Get Busy!

Sickness never comes at a time when you’ve planned for it. Our family is always stocked with all the products Ancient Medicine Cabinet has to offer so we’re never taken by surprise. Herbal tinctures that treat everything from fever, colds, flu, ear infections, warts, insomnia, digestive issues and more! 

Quick remedies.

Easy to slip into a purse or diaper bag.

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Pregnancies back to back has completely destroyed my teeth and my oldest girls having lead poisoning didn’t set them off to a great start either. Throw Alex in the mix who has health with gum disease most of his adult life… something’s wrong…

OraWellness is where our family has FINALLY EXPERIENCED HEALING! We use their remineralizing tooth powder and tongue scrapers along with some essential oils and floss. 

We were amazed at the immediate results once switching to this tooth powder. We used to make our own, but this tooth powder makes the world of a difference! Someway, somehow we fit these products into the budget! 

Click the banner and try it yourself! 

You won’t regret it. 

Visit NoiseTrade.com to download free worship music written and recorded by us. We pray this music brings you to the feet of Jesus reminding you of His goodness, mercy, love and the salvation we have in Him.