Welcome to Part 2 of our Vacation for the Large Family Series! Enjoy the video below.

If you missed Part 1: Itinerary & Car Activities then view that HERE!

Keep a Look out for Part 3: Putting It All Together – Recap of Our Whole Vacation

Some Tips and Ideas from the Video

Food Tips: 

Snack Packs: Portion out some food into baggies for easy access, fresher foods, and less mess! 

– Make Your Own: If you have the time, make your own Trail Mix, Popcorn & Cookies. These are cheap, easy and healthier! 

– Vacation Fund Change Jar: This give the whole family a way to contribute to the vacation fund. It can be alloted to snacks, fun spending money, or just help with expenses as a whole. Another option is an app that rounds up all your purchases. 

– Save Money On Meals: You can do this while still having the leasuire of vacation by packing bread, squeeze on mayo, cheese slices, meat and veggies for quick lunches that can get thrown together at a gas station out of the trunk of your car. Breakfasts can be muffins, granola bars, fruit, yogurt squeezers. You can also freeze meals and bring a pressure cooker for quick meal prep.  

– Kitchen Access: Renting a hotel suite or a whole house with a kitchen actaully saves money on meals since you can cook. Hotels sometimes offer complmentary breakfasts and light dinners to supplement as well.  

Clothing Tips: 

– Limit Clothing to 3 Outfits (or so) per person 

– Laundry Access: Stay places with free or cheap laundry access such as friends or family’s houses, renting a full house with laundry room, or locating a cheaper laundry mat neat your destination. 

– Pack Only Essentail Toiletries: Bar of soap, wash cloths, tooth brushes and tooth paste, mascara, hair brushes, shampoo, conditioner, diapers and wipes. Most places you rent provide towels, hair dryers, and some toiletries. You can always go to the store if you NEED more of something (like diapers), but you can never return something extra you brought.  

– Pack As Light As Possible: We only pack two suitcases for all 8 (soon to be 9) of us. Our suitcases even have plenty of empty space for items we purchase along the way.  One blanket and pillow per person. One sleeping bag per person. One tent to share.  

– DO PACK these Commonly Overlooked Items: Garabge bags, ziplock bags (sandwhich and gallon), toilet paper, paper towels, wet wipes, sharpies. If someone throws up, soils their clothing, rips open their crayon box, steps in dog poop, or opens several water bottles, all these tools come in HANDY! 

– Always Bring a Potty: Small bladders will apprechiate the comfort of being able to pee if they need to. So will everyone else in the car after the 20th pee stop between point A and B. This also come sin handy if a public restroom is too dirty to use, or if camping on on the itinerary. After all, who wants to walk little ones (or pregnant ones) to the bathroom throughout the night?

– Don’t Leave Anything for the Morning You Leave: PACK IT ALL! Seriously. Sleep in the clothes you’re going to wear. Put everything by the door or in the car the night before. Musical Instruments, Suitcases, Blankets, Pillows, Strollers, Car Seats, Books, Dry Foods and Beverages. Get all the dishes washed and floors swept. Eat in the car in the morning.  

– Check Conceal and Carry Laws: If you practice your Second Amendment Rights (which I hope you Do!), then I hope you carry when you’re out on vacation with your children! Make sure you know which states honor your state’s licensing. 

– Value Space: Only having in the front of the car items that are immediately needed and keeping the rest in the truck of the car (or in a trailer) makes LOOONG stretches of road not so cramped. This is especially important with a large family. The appearance of space and order makes things less stressful.