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Deuteronomy chapter 6 gives parents a beautiful picture of what home educating looks like. Talking about the Lord when you rise and when you lie down, when you walk about the way, to put His words on your doorposts and on your gates. Doing family devotions, posting scriptures on the walls of your home, and playing music that is pleasing to the Lord throughout the day are just a few of the many creative ways we can obey the Lord in this great commission He has called us to! I love having music filled with scriptures playing in the background while my little ones play, but I recently came across an exciting new way to immerse my children in God’s Word while they sleep!

Preborn Prodigy has created three wonderful albums called:

(1) Prayers and Blessings for the Unborn Child 

(2) Prayers and Blessings Newborn to 99

(3) Math Prodigy

These albums are set to soothing musical backgrounds and are packed full with not only scriptures from the Bible, but also prayers that are specific and make those scriptures persona to the child listeningl. There are also songs of worship to the Lord mixed into some of the tracks. 

My favorite album is the Prayers and Blessings Newborn to 99. In this album, scriptures are read and personalized to the listener saying, “Therefore, YOU are…” It reminds the child that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, that God has plans for their life, that He is glorious and loving and so worthy of our praise. The gospel is beautifully laid out giving the child the opportunity to give their lives to the Lord and meditate on how wonderful God is. The album ends in a stunning song that even I struggle to stay awake through.  

Prayers and Blessings for the Unborn Child is meant to be played while pregnant (or even with a newborn, like I have been doing), but this track can be applicable and enjoyed by children of all ages. The mother can play it while doing house work, or while she is sitting and praying over her unborn child. There are ear buds that can be purchased to place on one’s pregnant belly for the baby to hear the words being read.  

I greatly appreciate that some Hebrew words such as “Yeshua” (Jesus’ actual name) and “Shalom” (the Hebrew word for Peace) are sprinkled throughout the tracks. There are also some Greek words that are pointed out from specific scriptures and their definitions explained. All of this is done in a soothing voice with relaxing music in the background. 

These tracks are educational as well. For example, after reading Psalms 139, the reader goes through each system of the body and explains that God perfectly knit together each of these systems. 

There are reassuring statements like, “You are the correct gender” and “there is no mistakes in you.” It reminds the child that the world and others will try to influence your identity, but only God has the honor of doing that. He will remind us if we get confused as to who we are. He alone gives us callings, and giftings and anointings.  I love this and think it’s CRUCIAL for our children to hear these things over and over again. They will know and hear these statements in their heads as they grow and mature in righteousness and wisdom. 

The final album, that I thought was interesting, is called Math Prodigy. This album literally explains mathematical concepts from simple to more complex in the higher tracks. The first track explains the importance of math as well as the amazingly intricate world we live in! 

“Perhaps, mathematics is one facet, one shadow of the language by which the worlds were spoken into existence. Whatever mathematics may be, it is the tool by which man can understand and make sense of the physical world around him.”

The next few tracks explain how addition is done as well as it’s importance followed by subtraction, multiplication, even some fractions and integers. Imagine how it would benefit your child if they heard these concepts over and over and memorizing the words on these tracks. When they do face these advanced math concepts, it would be interesting to see if they came easier to him! If nothing else, listening to how math is done will most definitely put your child to sleep! 

I recommend Preborn Prodigy to any family. I received the MP3 downloads and play them through a bluetooth speaker during nap time or quiet time in our home. It’s so soothing, my youngest kids fall asleep while being showered in God’s Word, prayer, and worship, and my oldest finish up their independent Bible study and reading and lay quietly while listening to the wonderful, refreshing insights being read aloud. 

I would purchase these for a baby shower gift, a gift to your nieces and nephews, Hanukkah or Christmas stocking stuffers, fillers to Easter baskets or Passover gifts to kids, or even just as a surprise gift to encourage and bring peace to the one’s you love. These promises included in these albums are especially needed during the times we are facing in our world today.

One last neat thing about Preborn Prodigy is that they are also recorded in Hebrew, German, Chinese, Spanish and Afrikaans. They are great evangelical tools to friends and family you have that speak these languages, or as a tool to teach your children other languages. 

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