29 weeks baby!

Third Trimester here I am!

So far pregnancy has been great! No real complaints or complications besides some nasty second trimester migraines. We are excited to meet our sweet little Willow Temperacne into the family in February.

Willow: Tree with extremely strong and developed roots with branches that bend under pressure and do not snap; a source of healing and pain relief 


Temperance: Moderation, self-control, restraint of passions, patience, calmness
I pray that you are rooted and grounded in Christ Jesus who is immovable, unchanging and forever Faithful and Good. Nothing can separate you from His love: neither height nor depth, death nor life, angels nor principalities, present trials nor ones to come. May you endure all things in your life with endurance and temperance being motivated by the love that Jesus has for you and has placed in you. May He be your everything.

I love how beautifully our kids names share the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Check it out:


(1) Ahavah: the love of the will 

Eden: place of pleasure and delight; the Garden of Eden is where man first had perfect communion with God

–> God’s unconditional love and wanting harmony with us again like he had in the beginning


(2) Alecia: Of Noble Birth

Grace: Getting something someone does not deserve

–> By Grace we can now be called his children (of noble birth)


(3) Hayven: A Safe Place

Alexandria: Named after her Father

Psalm 107:29-30 “He Maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still. Then are they glad because they be quiet; so he bringeth them unto their desired haven.”

–> He is our protector and advocate. We find refuge in Him. Ee can call Him Father


(4) Elias: Jehovah is God

Hezekiah: God is my Strength

–> We have strength in knowing that Yahweh is our God and have a victorious life in Him


(5) Aryeh: Lion of God

Duke: Strong

–> Again, God makes us strong and as bold as a lion.


(6) Evelyn: Life

Michele: Who is Like God?

–>His new life makes us sing “who is like our God??”


(7) Willow Temperance (see above for meaning)

–> He brings tremendous strength when we are rooted in Him. He brings healing to our pain both physically and spiritually. He makes us capable of overcoming our flesh and able to bear up under anything that comes against us. 

As I enter my thrid trimester, it usually comes with a Nesting Vengence! I have my projects and they keep me sane as the last portion is the HARDEST for me. I usually get all the emotions and “baby blues” in this triemster which are IMMEDIATELY relieved when the baby is born.

November: Build a new closet system for our master bedroom + Fall decorations + Thanksgiving Parties

December: Christmas decorations + Holiday Parties and Cooking + Purge the kids toys and clothes … AGAIN, build a desk in our bedroom for next year’s blogging and business as well as an area to store inventory

January: Put away decorations + Get all Willows things set up – crib, basinet, swing, car seat ect. – Have some snacks and meals saved away

My offical Due Date is February 25th, but on average I carry 37.5 weeks. I suspect Willow will be here February 11th-ish.


Weight Gain: I started at a heavier weight then normal this pregnancy so I can’t say with certainty how much I have gained so far, but I am thinking between 25-30lbs so far. I am around 179-180lbs at this point and gaining about 1/2-1 pound a week. I feel great and don’t feel like I’ve gained excess weight at all. 


Exercise/Eating: I have kept a very good exercise regime of working out 4-5 days a week doing cardio, weights, and pilates through most of my first trimester and all of my second. The last two weeks have been spiratic due to the holidays and a terrible sicknes that hit us and I suspect will continue that way due to my third trimester being harder on my body.

I am sticking to a very healthy diet, which at this point is lower carb and very high in fat and protein. The only carbs I am eating regularly are bananas, sweet potatoes and the occasional piece of Ezekiel Bread toast. Of course, I indulged in some wonderful desserts over Thanksgiving and still give into random very strong cravings (like last night I NEEDED onion rings and a malt), but have been very good about not doing sugar especially.

With my jaw being dislocated in both joints and arthritis becoming very severe on the right side, sugar and excess carbohydrates has caused me major pain and inflammation. A higher fat diet seems to be doing me much better. And I have experienced far less muscle cramping and swelling this pregnancy. 

So what’s it like being pregnant with baby #7?

Well, you learn to let some things go, and you learn to lean on your husband and kids a lot more. I seem to have gotten a good routine within our house so things get cleaned and cooked on a daily basis. Everything is pretty well taken care of. Part of this is having a LOT less committments on my plate this pregnancy that require out of the home presence. I have been able to focus on child training and house management with much greater ease.

It’s actually, probably the most laid back and stress-free pregnancy I have had. I feel like I can handle anything that comes my way. I am FAR less emotional (so far – don’t get me wrong, I have my moments). And then having things to daily accomplish like homeschool or house projects makes it go much faster and smoother.