The goal of parenting is to transform our screaming, selfish, diapered infants into  mature, productive, responsible adults. We fine tune them day in and out molding them mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and… financially?

What if you could ensure that your children had a fantastic grip on handling their finances? What if you took it a step further and, before they left your home and entered the world on their own, they not only knew how to make money, but have actually started, and successfully managed their own business, or two, or five? Not sure where to start?!?

Check out our review of The Kingdom Code‘s  Complete Starter Kit which is a program designed to teach kids how to manage money in a way that pleases God. Kids create and operate their own business facing all the blessings and trials that come along the way. Teaching these skills to our children aren’t just crucial, but mandatory if we want our kids to be successful in life. 

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