Anyone who has worked in a daycare or a school, had a lot of siblings, or currently has a lot of kids, they know when one kid gets sick, they ALL get sick!

In a family of 8, that sickness can linger for weeks on end passing it’s loving green-goey-glory all the way around from person to person, again and again. It can take the WHOLE family out of school, church services, Sunday school classes, piano lessons, fellowship nights and family get togethers robbing a family of the treasures and joys of being social that the holiday seasons are associated with!

Over the years we have realized some trends with our family and friends as to when sickness peaks the most and what common factors contribute to healthy families and families that seem to be sick all the time. Hopefully some of these tips will help you and your loved ones enjoy time doing what you want to do instead of being cooped up in the house wiping your nose and watching Little House on the Prairies all winter!

Tip #1 Whitey


Our family is pretty dedicated to not eating any white flour or sugar. These foods  may taste good and be convenient, but in reality they are a big contributor to getting sick and staying sick. If you want your immune systems to be up and ready to fight, stick with the brown rice, potatoes, steel cut oats and home made whole wheat sour dough bread as your starch sources.


Sick Season Spikes: This is my theory as to why October/November sickness is so prevalent: it comes right after Halloween when candy and sugar has been very prevalent and flu shots are in high demand. January is, again, a high sickness month due to all the sugar and packaged foods most people consume over the holidays. Just a thought…


Tip #2 Broth and Ferments

Adding bone broths on a regular basis (daily if possible) and ferments (several times a day) does some WONDERS to overall health and immune system! We have been diligent in these two things over the last 11 months and I can only recall being sick once this last year. Even that illness only lasted 24 hours! Check out two videos we made on easy ferments for the large family, and easy bone broth for the large family. 

Tip #3 Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Yes we take it. Yes it’s nasty. But we only take it during the flu season and here is why: its packed full of vitamin D and A which are fantastic for metabolizing all those vitamins and minerals you’re getting from the delicious foods above you are consuming. Also, in Minnesota, almost everyone is deficient in vitamin D due to lack of sunlight exposure, so it’s wise to take vitamin D during the cooler months anyways. Vitamin D is key to immune health. YAY! We get ours from Green Pasture’s here on Amazon. 

Tip #4 Vitamin C, Elder Echinacea, Garlic

These three supplements we take when we’ve been around people who are sick or if we are going to church or a public place where sick people are. Over the last 6 months we have been in DIRECT contact with kids who had hand foot and mouth disease, the stomach flu, the respiratory flu, croup, strep throat… and that’s all I can remember… and we got none of these! Here are links to the Elder Echinacea and Garlic Tinctures we have used for years and years. Click on the photos to go to the webpages where you can pick up your own Vitamin C, Elder Echinacea and Garlic!

Tip #5 Sleep

Because we homeschool (haha how many jokes start with that line huh?), I can allow myself and my kids to sleep in if I know we need it. We can always work on our school a little later in the afternoon, or move things around to another day if we need to. Not getting laid up in bed for weeks on end is worth it.


These are the 5 simple things that my family does to stay in the clear when it comes to this flu season. In my opinion, either way you’ll pay the price. You can pay it in prevention, or you can pay it in maintenance. I’d much rather the former!

Sickness will probably touch my family at some point this season… but because I homeschool… naw… I got nothing!


What has worked for your family in the past when it comes to illness prevention?