I’ve been watching this small business for years now. They started out as “The Skirt Outlet” and are now called “Inherit Clothing Co” owned by sisters Amy (CEO) and Amanda (Designer) who had a conviction years ago to start dressing modestly, but they were challenged by the limited selection of modest, beautiful and feminine clothing.

In fall of 2017, Amy and her husband Anthony purchased The Skirt Outlet and it moved up here to MN from IL rebranding the store in 2018 birthing Inherit Clothing Co!

There are so many original pieces of clothing designed in house with fabrics sourced from all over the world!

And I am excited to tell you, from experience, the quality of the item I reviewed was incomparable! I have NEVER owned anything denim that is quite as durable or comfortable as this…




This A-line with a slight flare demin skirt comes below the knee  and has no slit. It is exclusive to Inherit Clothing Co as it is their own in house design. It has an elastic waistband that sits right under your growing baby belly bump with pleanty of room for expansion. This skirt also comes in a longer version called the “Tonya“.

It’s made with 70% Cotton and 30% Linen and is a dark blue demin color. It’s length is 28 inches and it is recommended that you wash this item in cold water on gentle cycle and dry hanging up – not tumble drying (even though I did! Oops!). The price is $42.00 and comes in sizes 6-20.

Click HERE to read the full description of this skirt and see more photos of it. 

First Impression:  

I first ordered a size 14 since the reviews I read on their webpage suggested to order large; however, the 14 was a little too large. So I returned the 14 and received a 12 in the mail not even a week later! I am 5’4″  and usually  weigh 150lbs wearing a size 8 when not pregnant (which in my life is rare… but does happen). I tend to gain 50lbs every pregnancy no matter what I do, so a 10-12 seemed right on point for me.  

The customer service was immediate, understanding, and very much above average. I knew I was dealing with real people who were really invested in what they did. They were excited to deal with me as a person and even inquired where in Minnesota I was from since they are a MN based company. I was tempted to just keep emailing them and build a friendship, but restrained myself ;).

When I received my skirt I was taken back by the professional packaging. It was like opening a Christmas gift that was hand crafted just for you. Everything from the personalized shipping bag, to the piece of tissue paper in the fold of the skirt, the beautifully detailed tag and the sewed in brand name… it was just perfect! I ran my fingers along the hem of the skirt several times admiring every strategically placed stitch and could not find a single fault with this skirt’s design. It was stunning. I sent pictures to my sisters immediately and they too were excited about the quality. 

My Use Over Several Weeks: 

 The true test would be the day to day use though. I have never been comfortable in demin: jeans or skirts. They are too stiff or feel like they will wear out too quickly. I feel as though I can’t move well in them. So I wore this skirt on the daily basis throughout my usual days. Cleaning, cooking, homeschooling… I even did some gardening in it!  

The skirt went through several cycles in the wash and then into my suitcase for my two week trip across the midwest. I went to museums, on car rides, out to eat, and on shopping expenditures.  I limited everyone to three outfits plus one they could wear when we left for our trip. A jean skirt is so versatile! Anything I packed went along with with my modest and flattering maternity skirt!

Overall Critique:

Blown Away.

Staple in my closet!

The belly band lays very comfortably against my ever growing belly. I usually detest the maternity bottoms that don’t have the full panel over the belly, but this one was surprisingly comfortable! I felt much more comfortable wearing a maternity spank or spandex tank top with this skirt as it is more fitting than my stretchy jersey skirts I normally resort to during my second trimester. 

I know that this skirt will be perfect postpartum as well during that phase when you slowly climb back down the “pant size” scale month by month. 

The back pockets are nice to slip my phone or money in for quick access. The front pockets are a bit shallow, which is honestly the only fault I have with this item. 

The length, which I thought would irritate me since it’s not quite short, but not long either, gave me tremendous peace of mind in any activity I participated in. I knew if I climbed stairs, sat down, jumped out of the car, or bent over to pick up a toddler, I was COVERED. 🙂

Rewards Program:

Another great perk that was just introduced about a month ago is the Inherit Clothing Co. Loyalty Program! You can sign up using this link and get 10% off your first purchase. There are a few ways to earn points and these points build up to $$$’s off your purchases. 


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Other items I am interested in for the future from Inherit Clothing Co.