For my readers who are unaware…

My sisters and I started up a small business 3-4 years ago called Ancient Medicine Cabinet. It’s beginngs were my little sister blending her own mixes of essentials oils into roll-ons and selling them on Etsy. 

I have made herbal creams, salves, tinctures and syrups for years for my family and friends so I pitched the idea to Mariah that we combine our skills and start an Etsy shop together. 

Ancient Medicine Cabinet was born!

It took some years to morph it’s way into what it is today. Our first year was developing our image, products and our Etsy shop. We threw some parties in home for family and friends to hear us explain our vision and our products to them. 

Our second year was simular to this but with several more in-home parties. We also asked our other sister, Alyssa, to come on and manage our logos, paperwork, labels, website and photo editing. Our third and forth year we filled with venturing into different fairs and learning what works for us and what doesn’t, how to explain our products to people and how we approach presenting ourselves to the world!

We’ve since then dwindled down our products to our favorite 5 tinctures, 4 creams, and one essential oil roll-on.

The most interesting part of running this business is our vision for it. We desire for it to be a ministry over a business. We used it was a way to talk to people and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Every order that we put out at fairs contains a gospel track. We get to share the good news face to face with people that God wants to not only heal them physically, but heal them spiritually and give them eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ and his death on the cross and resurrection from the grave! We get to lay hands on many people and pray for their standings in eternally. 

We have never brought any money home from these endeavors, although it is our hope and goal in the future to bring some income in to bless our families. 

We also are not seeking to grow at too much of a tremendous rate since we all have littles at home and are home-educating them and doing that is our TOP PRIORITY!

But, Ancient Medicine Cabinet has had the opportunity to bless our families through the learning experiences of managing a small business, opening an LLC, paying taxes, budgeting for our wants and needs without going into any sort of debt, and praying in whatever we cannot afford. God’s used it to really teach us, our husbands, and our children the importance of these things and the practical side of these areas, with has blessed and inspired similar applications in other faucets in our lives.

It has blessed our relationships as sisters being able to work through many situations where we agree and disagree, get frustrated and have great sucesses.

It has blessed our chruch body as we have been able to help dozens with their chronic health complaints as well as been able to donate hundreds of dollars worth of product to people in need. It has opened up opprotunities for fellowship and for healing. It has literally changed the lives of some of the closest people around us. 

And I honestly believe it has blessed my Savior Jesus Christ the very most as we seek to honor him in our business model, in our customer relations, in our spending habits, and in remembering that in all things, Ancient Medicine Cabinet serves our families and our chutch, we do not serve it. 

We pray that the Lord continues to bless and grow Ancient Medicine Cabinet in His timing and that He can use it to get the gospel into places where it is not currently placed.