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We had the opprotunity to review Pitsco Education Smart Buddies at Home. We have been playing with the Jodi doll.

Smart Buddies at Home were made to make learning coding at home easy and fun. Each kit comes with a doll, a self-balancing “siggy”, and an instructional guide. In order to play, you need access to a  device that you can download the Smart Buddies app on.

The instruction guide breaks down step by step how to set your doll up. It also explains all the different activities you can do using the app. These activities include e-books, free play, path, learn, sandbox, missions, and settings. An overview of the software blocks in a very useful page as well. 





Let’s take a look at the app and the different things that you can do with your Smart Buddy!


On the app’s activity menu, you can see each of the different activity options to explore.

E-books are eight books focusing on each of the characters of the Smart Buddies. They are intermediate level reading level. 


The Free Play activity was the most used by my kids. This option allows the kids to move the Siggy around like it is a remote control car. You can use the joystick or use preprogrammed moves. There is an option to record, save and load Free Play moves. 

The Path activity allows the player to draw a path for their Smart Buddy to follow. The grid is laid out to help the user conceptualize what a line drawn on a peice of paper would translate to in a three dimentional setting. 


Learn is the activity that is the meat of what Smart Buddies has to offer. 10 coding lessons teach the basics of block coding elements. These lessons are based on problem solving scenerios that build on previously learned skills. 

Sand 2

Sandbox is the area that all coding elements can be implemented. The user can use all they have learned and build some sweet codes and watch their doll honk, flash lights, dance, and follow a coded path. 


Missions was my favorite activity! There are four tasks that the user has to code their Siggy to get through mazes. I thought this was the most challenging for their coding skills out of all the acticities offered. 


My oldest three girls, ages 9, 9, and 8, used Pitsco Education  Smart Buddies at Home on a regular basis. I allowed them to simply play with it at their own will. I asked them to explore all the activities that were offered. They brought Jodi everywhere! They showed all their friends how to code and made coding a really hip thing in their circle.  

We have some very close friends that code for a living and they loved this coding doll. It offers the very basic introduction to the concepts of coding and they explained these things to my kids.  

We were all amazed to watch how the Siggy would balance itself! We found out if you restrict it’s movement it begins to get more and more aggressive with it’s movements. I believe it does this so that it doesn’t get stuck. We found this hilarious would call it “Jodi’s freak out”. My boys especially had fits of laughter watching Jodi freak out!

I was thrilled to expose my kids to something I have absolutely no background in and Smart Buddies made it very easy. It will be interesting to see how the skills and knowledge they attained from playing with this doll will influence their future exposure to coding as well as their interests in the future.  

If you are looking for an educational “toy” for a 3rd-5th grader, I would definitely suggest checking out Pitsco Education  Smart Buddies at Home.


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