Passover is coming closer and that means SPRING CLEANING in the Deputie house! I LOOOOOOOVE spring cleaning! Mostly because I LOOOOOOOVE to get rid of stuff. With 10 people in our little 3 bedroom home, purging is a necessity.


Spring cleaning season is so much more than just purging the house of extra stuff though.

It’s about finding things we can bless others with.

It’s about reevaluating as a family where we are and where we want to be and how we can get there.

It’s about preparing our home and our yard for the next season of life and ministry whether that means gardening, or traveling, having lots of people over or starting our new school year. 

It’s about coming together as a family and accomplishing a list of tasks that we can tackle together learning to communicate, work as a single unit, sacrifice and serve one another.


And, as the organized nut that I am, I print my charts and graphs and checklists and get to work with extra high expectations and lofty goals with short time frames. 


This is a WHOLE family ordeal, don’t get me wrong. Even the youngest Deputie rolls up their sleeves and contributes to the purging maddness.


We wipe down the winter boots with wet wipes and fill them with baking soda to move into storage.


We try on spring shoes and rain jackets, tennis shoes and flip flops.


We take down all the curtains and run them through a goood, bi-annual wash cycle.


We go through every toy bin, every closet, and every dresser drawer purging and deep cleaning.


We empty all the cupboards and pantry and wipe the shelves and reorganize our food storage. 


We wash the windows inside and out becuase, to my shame, the windows really only get washed a few times a year. 


We take apart the fans in the house and wipe the blades down.


We clean under all the furniture and inside the couches. 


And we do so much more… thankfully, everything is written down and ready for me to print and fill out every spring and fall. 


You can click the pictures below to download the checklists I use

Anyone else doing some spring cleaning?

What does it look like in your house?

Leave a comment below!