2-4 Years Old

* All about character

* Chores and Personal Responsibility

* Disciline and Obedience

* Working on being able to sit still and listen, color, fine motor activities

* Having Fun with Parents 🙂

* Knowing Bible Stories (Children’s Bible)

* Learns colors, shapes, numbers, and  letters using games, books, play and manipulatives. 



Books Recommended In Video:

Former Preschool Curriculum – Heart of Dakota: https://www.heartofdakota.com/little-hands.php

*Used this with our twins and Hayven, but as I had more and more children I was home educating, I didn’t want to spend the time on all the extras of it so we picked to continue the Reading Lesson, their book packs, handwriting, and the Bibles they suggest.

Reading Lesson: https://www.amazon.com/Reading-Lesson-Teach-Child-Lessons/dp/0913063029?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag=duckduckgo-d-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=0913063029


Stepping Forward Readers: http://heartandhome.net.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13_106_26&products_id=1551&zenid=c23c3d082960861a693fd1fbf00b2e39

Handwriting: https://areasonfor.com/collections/handwriting



5-6 Years Old

* Increased Chore responsibility

*Scripture memorization

* Being able to sit still, with self-control for longer periods of times (read aloud, listening to audio books or Bible teachings)

*Learning to take the initiative and work thoroughly, cheerfully, immediately

*Learning to read, write, and do basic addition and subtraction

Emerging Reader Set: https://www.heartofdakota.com/emerging-reader.php

Math-U-See: https://www.mathusee.com/parents/updated-books/alpha/
*This is the “first grade” book curriculum*
*Primer is the “kindergarten” level https://www.mathusee.com/parents/updated-books/primer/

I hope this post INSPIRES YOU! It’s not meant to be a formula you follow, but a springboard for you as you craft what works best for your family! Preschool and Kindergarten shouldn’t take more then 30-1hour of “formal” schooling a day.

Enjoy it!

You’re learning how to teach just as much as your child is learning how to learn!