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,My daughter, Hayven and I have been spending some one-on-one time reviewing Truth Becomes Her, The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS together. We received a copy of the beautiful 200-page, full color story book, coloring book, Mother and Daughter Journal, and Ringleaders Devotional!

Upon opening our package that came in the mail, Hayven immediately indulged in the The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS story book! She read it over and over again. She even brought it to a sleep over with her friend so that they could read it together. It wasn’t until a few nights ago I sat down and read it in it’s entirety. Maybe it was late and I was tired… but it had me tearing up at the end! Why?! Because I was overwhelmed with how CLEAR and SPOT ON the gospel message was!

The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS follows Rooney as she auditions for a school play. She wrestles with fear and anxiety as she anticipates presenting the lead role and awaits the results. She struggles with ungratefulness and selfishness when she finds not only does she not get the lead role, but is appointed as an understudy in the play. Then she faces doubt and asks the Lord what He wants her to do as she inherits the lead role last minute due to an injury to her friend.

A small fairy-like angel named Mari appears to Rooney and ministers to her in her moments of need. Initially, I did not appreciate Mari’s role in this story. But, as I continued to follow the narrative, I realized that she does stick to a Biblical role of an angel, which is to minister to believers and always point them to Jesus. I also assessed that Mari was the author’s best path to introducing Rooney to stories and characters throughout the Bible.

Mari would reveal a golden window frame with a specific scripture reference engraved on the pane. Rooney was encouraged to look through this window into the Biblical narrative and glean from six different women, applying lessons from their lives to her own situation. Each of these opportunities left Rooney with a desire and hunger to know Jesus.

Here are the six women she meets, what she learns, and what questions she has:

(1) Elizabeth – Everything is possible for God; John the Baptist was to “prepare the way for the Lord”; Elizabeth was to raise John in the Lord and faithfully teach him… Who was John preparing people to meet?

(2) Mary – She was willing to yield her life and her plans to obey the Lord; Nothing about her pregnancy or birth or life was what she expected; Jesus was the Messiah and came to rescue people… From what?

(3) Samaritan Women – We have a sinful and selfish nature. We have all broken God’s rules. Sin and disobedience deserve punishment. God sent Jesus so we don’t have to receive the punishment we deserve. Jesus loved the Samaritan women even when most despised her… How did Jesus save us from sin?

(4 & 5) Mary & Martha – It’s more important to spend time with Jesus then to always be preparing (in Rooney’s case, for the play)… How does she do that?

(5) Martha & Lazarus – Jesus saved Lazarus from death… What is Jesus trying to tell her?

(6) Mary Magdalene – God is holy and perfect and has to punish sin. He loved us so much, He sent His son Jesus to die on the cross, sacrificing himself and taking that punishment we deserve. Jesus defeated death, rose from the grave, and is alive today! If we ask God to forgive our sins, and believe in Jesus, we will be saved!

The answers to all her questions were clearly answered! Rooney understood she was a sinner and deserved punishment for her sin. She comprehended that God sent His son Jesus to die in place of her and she asked for His forgiveness and expressed her belief in Jesus as her Savior. At the conclusion of the book, it all came full circle as she shared with Mari and her friends that she believes God wants her to share Jesus with others. This is her calling in life.

This book is hefty, hard-covered, and has the most beautiful and complementary illustrations.

Just this book alone was worth the review for me… but it gets even better!

Hayven and I have been reading the 40 day devotional together. Each days devotional takes only a few minutes to accomplish and leaves Hayven with a challenge that she can finish in her quiet time. The journal is broken up into sections that target the six women that the book focuses on. There are “free spaces” where we can draw pictures, talk to each other, write scriptures, or use to answer some of the activities in the devotional. There are also prompts on several pages to give us something to meditate on and explore together.

The final piece to this set was the coloring book which is thick and includes pictures and scriptures from the story book! As Hayven colors these, I imagine her meditating on that particular scene of the story and, hopefully, applying the lessons she read to her own situations in life.

I was honestly shocked and surprised at how much I LOVED The Adventures of Rooney Cruz RINGLEADERS. If you have a daughter or granddaughter between the ages of 7-9 or older, I recommend getting this for her! It may be a spur of the moment gift, birthday gift, Christmas or Hanukkah gift… whatever the case, it will build her up in the Lord, and build your relationship with her tremendously!


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